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Lydia Merry Hugmas Aaron

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  • Anna Omega posted 324 days ago

    Anna Omega

    Should BR go down again, killing the comment section once and for all and eventually forcing FB on all of us... I set up a temporary basic HQ at GamerLaunch - actually a site for gaming clans / guilds. It's not all that pretty but it offers forums and chat, and most of all, it's free which makes it work for the time being.

    If you want to stay in contact with some of the "prominent" (haha) people from the BR WWE Comment Section, come around. We might eventually find a permanent new common home too.

  • Anna Omega posted 343 days ago

    Anna Omega

    Have another hug for the New Year, Lydia! Already thought of a new name? Christmas is over. ;)

  • Anna Omega posted 350 days ago

    Anna Omega

    Have a hug for Christmas, Lydia! Hope you'll be able to enjoy spending some wonderful days. :)

  • Doctor Cube posted 350 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Hey Lydia, I finally got the time to read your ROH Invasion angle, great stuff there, and something tells me it might not be done. I get how this could have turned out in a passion project of yours, I know how immersive those can be, it happened to me before, but that's how you know you're onto something good. I'll give you a more detailed review soon, and I'll also start working on mine, to see what I can come up with. I just dropped by to wish you the merriest of all Hugmases my friend, I hope it is as cheerful and magical as every Hugmas should be.

  • Doctor Cube posted 356 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Hey Lydia, I tried to reply to you last week, but apparently it didn't work, so I'm giving it another go. I agree with you that Ospreay/Scrull/Lee was the match of the night at Final Battle, and definitely one of the best matches of the year in ROH. But yeah, the most memorable parts of the night were in the stories not the wrestling. Cody's debut and heel turn were really cool. I didn't expect to see him turn so soon, but the way it was done was very intriguing and frankly exciting. I think what he missed in WWE all those years was a proper babyface run as Cody Rhodes, but if at least we get a good heel run, where he isn't overshadowed by his own goofy character, that'll be very interesting too.

    I thought that it wouldn't have been fair for anybody else but Kyle to take the title away from Cole, someone like Elgin or someone from New Japan would have had me ranting for days. But, I'm happy for Kyle, I hope he gets a long title reign from this. I'm upset for Cole though, both his ROH World title reigns have been quite underwhelming. He could probably pretend to be ROH's greatest wrestler to make a terrible champion, not that it's hi fault though. But, maybe ROH already knows that he isn't sticking around once his contract is up. I could see Cody becoming the American face of the Bullet Club, leading to a Cole vs Cody farewell match (Cole was first on Cody's list after all), before Cole leaves for the WWE.

    And yes. That Broken Matt Hardy appearance was delightful! I literally froze marking out when he appeared on screen, I can't wait to see how his program with the Young Bucks will shape up.

    Overall a very good show, great on furthering storylines in unpredictable ways, but kind of underwhelming on the wrestling part, besides the trios, the tag team titles and the triple threat match. I feel that ROH has really stepped down in quality since moving to Sinclair Broadcasting, at least as far as ring work. They still have great matches from time to time, but back in the day, there was a MOTYC on every big show. Hopefully with guys like Ospreay, Scrull and Lee on the roster, things will change back for the better.

    It's probably the first year in a long while that I don't see any ROH match on my top ten list. But, it's more of a testament of how great wrestling has been elsewhere. WWE has gad a very solid year (mostly due to the CWC, NXT and the women), TNA too, EVOLVE and PWG were their usual great selves. But, I was re-watching some Lucha Undrground this weekend to craft my top ten, and they truly had an outstanding year. I maintain that they have the best wrestling show on TV by far.

    So, what did you think about Roadblock? And more importantly, are you going to do a fantasy booking of an ROH invasion angle? If so, I'd love to read it, if you don't mind my indiscretion.

  • New Day GOAT posted 359 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    My favorite part was when Broken Matt Hardy took a shot at Triple H for burying young talent. There was a lot of positive reviews on Twitter but watching this reminded me of early 90's where everything was goofy and unpredictable. It was good to see old faces make cameos and seeing Brother Nero with an alter ego character is refreshing. Definitely over the top and ridiculous but couldn't take my eyes off the screen. WWE will do ecerything to sign Matt and Jeff but for now just enjoy their silliness which is DELIGHTFUL!

    Rusev needs his own spin off show because he was so hilarious. It is interesting to see how they adapt outside the ring and see what their lifestyle is like. Renee comes off as the sweetheart of the show while Paige is so wild.

    How would you book Tye Dillinger before he get to the main roster?

  • New Day GOAT posted 360 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    Big Cass has always been protected from taking pins or submissions in single matches. Don't see that changing at all because Rusev deserves better than that. It is still a disgrace how WWE wants to cheer for Enzo when he is trying to mess with Rusev's wife. Rusev is the babyface in this feud and also the feud with Reigns. Totally check out Total Divas this week because Rusev was the star of the show for me.

    Since there are high expectations for 30 minute ironwoman match, it has to be the best match of the night. Wouldn't count out the tag team title match also. The main event should deliver since they had a good match last time.

    Raw did a good job building this card but they had 4 weeks while SD only had 2 weeks. It is good to hear that they are reducing their PPV's starting next year. Looking forward to a six week build toward Royal Rumble and maybe a few surprise call ups from NXT.

    Are you watching Total Non-Stop Deletion? If you are, then let me know what you thought about it. Broken Matt Hardy can do no wrong.

  • New Day GOAT posted 361 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    • Predictions for Roadblock: End of the Line

    - Swann retains Cruiserweight title over Kendrick and Perkins in a triple threat match
    - Zayn vs Strowman ends in a draw because they go over the time limit
    - Big Cass over Rusev
    - Cesaro and Sheamus defeats New Day to become the new Raw tag team champions
    - Sasha defeats Charlotte 2-1 in 30 minute ironwoman match for the Raw women's title
    - Rollins over Jericho- Owens retains Universial title over Reigns

    What are your predictions?

  • New Day GOAT posted 370 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    Well it was very surprising to see Alexa become the new Smackdown women's champion atTLC but maybe the company is high on her at the moment. Plus this is a great time to see a desperate Becky who is willing to do everything to get back her championship. I'm willing to see where this goes but it was a good tables match regardless.

    Very disappointed in Carmella/Nikki no DQ match because they didn't get enough time and didn't show enough of their hatred for each other. The build was good but it was a missed opportunity for something bigger.

    What did you think of TLC PPV?

  • New Day GOAT posted 375 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    Which match at TLC are you looking forward to seeing the most? It seems like every match on this card has been build up pretty which. My favorite is of course the women's title feud between Becky and Alexa. It has been a long time since we have seen a heel that can talk trash and back it up in the ring like Alexa has. It was great seeing Becky getting pissed off and showing that fire that she has been holding back. Hopefully Becky retain the women's title because she deserves a longer title reign. 2017 will be the year of Alexa when she finally wins it.

    Also what did you think of the debut of 205 Live and Aries on commentary?