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  • Kevin McGrady posted 2222 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    I do not have any particular affiliation with the Bleacher Team and thus the making and enforcement of their rules. In fact, I have been banned on several occasions myself. This leads me to believe that I would be the last person that needed to attempt to explain Bleacher Report rules.

    I will simply inform you that there is a group of Trolls dedicated to the Crimson Tide that commonly set up and regularly attack outspoken Auburn fans on this site and others. I know for a fact that Bleacher has attempted to ban several of these trolls, and they have never succeeded in doing anything but forcing them to change their screen name. Most of them appear on several false accounts and at least one is a featured columnist.

    This group communicates with each other and targets individual fans. They provoke them, sometimes for weeks on end, and then if they ever get a response they think can be used they report it to Bleacher. Sometimes they will use a series of unrelated post to make it seem the member was commenting something entirely different than what they were.

    I have found in the past that Bleacher is incapable of figuring these attacks out. They simply seem to take a superficial look and take the trolls or their representatives ( actual accounts not fakes) at their word and ban the member.

    I can only assure you that most of these trolls have been banned dozens of times under different names. They seem to simply be a problem that Bleacher doesn't have the resources to handle. You can pick most of these trolls fake names out as they have targeted my articles for years. I think they have largely given up on getting me banned at this point and simply attempt to discredit most of the information passed along.

    As mentioned above, I am not a Bleacher insider, so I have no influence on the rule making and control of such problems. It is my opinion that the particular problem mentioned will simply always be a problem on Bleacher and other sites. I do encourage you to identify and report all such problems to the Bleacher Staff.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2226 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    I am always interested in your opinion Joe, and you are welcome to make a complaint to Bleacher Report. As the particular site in question and content is part of the Auburn Team Stream on Bleacher Report it does not break any rules in my opinion. You are welcome to appeal my opinion with the Bleacher Report Staff and I can supply you with contact information if you wish to do so..........

    In the mean time this is another link from the Bleacher Report Auburn team stream that you might enjoy.