Josh Lambert

Josh Lambert


Josh Lambert is a student at Redlands Community College in El Reno, Oklahoma. He is currently a Collegiate Officer Program Major and hopes to become a cop someday. He loves sports and has a passion for writing. Before Redlands, he attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University where he majored in communications. There he was active in intramural sports. Josh played baseball from the t-ball age through high school. He also played high school football at Hinton High.

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  • John Louie Ramos posted 3222 days ago

    John Louie Ramos


    hi, hope everything's fine..
    I just want to share my latest work..

    If Life Could Be Just Like Sports..


  • Ben Bomberger posted 3224 days ago

    Ben Bomberger


    OK, so I'm the new Community Leader for the Nationwide Series — the newest community here on B/R... and I'd like to formally invite you to join the community and help me make it grow.

    Whether you want to write, comment or do both, I'd like to have you as a member of the community to give the series some well deserved attention.

    This season looks to be another wild one as several Cup regulars crash the part while the likes of Brad Keselowski and Jason Keller try and keep the big boys from bullying them.

    So come join me in the Nationwide Series Community — and don't forget to tag any Nationwide Stories with the appropriate tag now!


  • Joe M. posted 3230 days ago

    Joe M.


    Setup an account and profile at Then drop me an email at and we can discuss it further.



  • Pete Treperinas posted 3232 days ago

    Pete Treperinas

    I'm just saying enjoy the NBA while it's there. Small market teams never really last, and the Sonics' move proves that no franchise is ever safe.

  • Joe M. posted 3235 days ago

    Joe M.


    I am looking for a writer at Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss how it would work.

  • Pete Treperinas posted 3249 days ago

    Pete Treperinas

    Bennett still lied numerous times to the city of Seattle and said that he wanted to keep the team here- yeah right. And his arena plan here made a WHOLE bunch of sense: $500 million, and he wanted the city to pay for all of it. He had no problem forking over the $20 million for the new practice facility in OKC though.