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  • Michael Cerna posted 2072 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hi Conor,

    Here is my latest:

    Hope you enjoy. :-)



  • Michael Cerna posted 2078 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hi Conor,

    I added one final part to the series: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1108370-lionel-messi-cristiano-ronaldo-la-ligas-non-spanish-starting-xi

    I hope you enjoy it!



  • Anthony Kang posted 2115 days ago

    Anthony Kang

    Glad I could help mate.

  • Amogha Sahu posted 2137 days ago

    Amogha  Sahu

    No problem.

  • Max Mannne posted 2138 days ago

    Max Mannne

    i agree with smalling better defender than alba, but hes moer offensive. smalling is gud, but will never be as gud as pique. also what are ur thoughts on eden hazard, neymar and mario gotze?

  • Max Mannne posted 2143 days ago

    Max Mannne

    Jordi Alba and Gerard Pique are already wayy better defenders. Once smalling reaches pique's age, he still won't be as gud as him. If a defender wins in 2016, it would be pique for sure.

  • Max Mannne posted 2145 days ago

    Max Mannne

    I just read your article on who will become the next 5 Ballon d'Or Winners, and I just have to say it was a some what of a joke (Smalling, Benzema).
    1. Messi will be the winner for 2012, 2013 and maybe 2014
    2. Iniesta could take it at 2014 or 2015
    3. Chris Smalling as a winner!?! that was a total joke of a choice. EPL and English players will not win a single award from here on out. La Liga is dominating (Not just Barca & Madrid)
    4. You obviously don't know who Eden Hazard is. He will become Messi's successor as world champ, or if he goes to Barca there too. He is the future of football.
    5. Neymar has a better chance of winning than Chris Smalling.
    6. Mario Gotze is a true talent and will also win this in the future, not sure when tho.
    7. Benzema has a chance but will struggle to get this.
    ***take this in consideration, also can you right as much articles on Eden Hazard, Neymar, Mario Gotze as possible and keep me up with them.
    -I enjoyed reading your slide with Gotze. Munain, Messi, Gotze up front for Barca.
    Hazard, Messi, Gotze/Neymar would be a much better but not as realistic.