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  • Black Widow posted 226 days ago

    Black  Widow

    you must be suffering a serious writer's block problem... It's been 2 months + since you last any article.....

  • Linda Onn posted 246 days ago

    Linda Onn

    Hey Luis!Have you already retired or what?

  • Riyan posted 317 days ago


    In my opinion,Battleground was an ok PPV for me.Still better than Night Of Champions atleast.I would rate it 4 out 5 because of RVD VS ADR and The Shield Vs Rhodes Family.Also,the crab walk of Bray Wyatt and the Cesaro swing were the other good moments.Other than that,a horrible PPV.Hell In A Cell is the only PPV I'm excited for since SummerSlam.Hell In A Cell would be great in my opinion.John Cena Vs ADR,Orton Vs Bryan in HIAC with HB Shizzles and CM Punk Vs Ryback would make the PPV worth watching.If WWE needs to make up for the endings of Night Of Champions and Battleground,then ADR Vs Cena and Punk Vs Ryback should be HIAC matches.

    Sorry for the grammar and short cuts.I'm eating right now lol

    What are your thoughts on Los matadores?

  • Riyan posted 322 days ago


    Oh cool.How was Battleground and Raw?

  • Riyan posted 322 days ago


    Oh cool.Your thoughts on Battleground and Raw?

  • ACCOUNT CLOSED. posted 324 days ago


    Thanks for your input Luis.

  • ACCOUNT CLOSED. posted 327 days ago


    What's up Luis?,What do you think of the reality show Total Divas?,Do you think it's helping or hurting the Divas Division?.

  • Riyan posted 327 days ago


    No problem.Yeah,Taker Vs Sting would be so awesome.When did you started writing articles?

  • ....... posted 328 days ago



  • Riyan posted 328 days ago


    Awesome WrestleMania article bro.Who do you want Taker to face at WM XXX?

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