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  • daniel magnuson posted 48 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    oh remember when we beat y'all last haha loser

  • Andrew Hall posted 92 days ago

    Andrew Hall

    Dear C,

    I appreciate your eagerness to anonymously call my work poor on my wall. The fact that you don't even utilize a name—not even a fake one—only further my desires to meet your standards. Well played.

    A few points I'd like to make.

    None of my content involves sexual content, so calling headlines "salacious" is an inaccurate use of the word.

    I am not paid based on page views, so the notion that I craft headlines around clicks is foolish. Further, I don't craft all of my headlines. Period. A large portion of topics are assigned. I have editors who often assign story angles, and even if an angle is my own, they often choose article wording.

    If I'm consistently called out as the "misinformed Perez Hilton" of the team I cover, I must have missed that. I'm glad the aforementioned editors haven't come to that conclusion.

    I'm assuming the "negative" article you're referencing at this time is the piece on Georgia's poor showing in the 2014 NFL Draft. With that assumption, two serious questions for you. And, I'd love to hear responses.

    1. How would you counter my assertion that Georgia was under-represented in this year's draft relative to its rivals?

    2. How would you counter the assertion that impressionable 17 and 18-year old kids value NFL dreams and several of Georgia's biggest rivals on the recruiting trail and on the field had more impressive draft classes this year?

    If it we me, I'd counter with "But that was only one year!!!" Well, I already covered that point, saying, "Fortunately for Richt, this year's draft futility is an anomaly within the context of recent history."

    I think the headline was fairly accurate to the content written, and I don't see holes in the content. The bulk of the article was about 1. schools using NFL numbers to drive recruiting, and 2. Georgia having only two players drafted this year.

    As a challenge to you, please read through my last page of titles ( )and tell me which ones are so overtly negative. Then do some math and tell me what percentage bash the Dawgs. I think the ratio of negative/positive/neutral connotations in both titles and content is pretty balanced. And that's how it should be.

    As for my "angle" and trying to make a living, even that assertion is off base. I spend a few hours a week writing my opinions on college football. I'm not trying to make a career out of this. Never was, never will. And if you think I know nothing about college football, then you'd really hate my writing on fashion and interior decorating.

    Have a nice day, C. I'd love to get a response from you on these matter. Feel free to write it on BR or even email me -

  • daniel magnuson posted 232 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    keep hating we are better

  • daniel magnuson posted 232 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    haha not som corn holers huh beating up ur dogs haha u look like a fool talking trash and then losing

  • Jumbo Stiehm posted 232 days ago

    Jumbo Stiehm

    Fuck you little boy.Come to Hastings, in fact get within 2 hours of me and I'll meet you any time, any place.Congrats on your loss you little fuckin faggot, now go cry in your moms basement you cousin fuckin lowlife piece of shit.

  • daniel magnuson posted 242 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    ya keep bragging about georgia academics who really cares lol u sound like a pridefull litlte biatch. At the end of the day nebraska leads the nation in academic all americans with 300 + far more than any other school in the country. Im done arguing with this phony on the internet all the garbage will be decided on the field.

  • daniel magnuson posted 243 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    piece of shit right here doesnt know anything and hates to hear anything positive about nebraska or any other non SEC team , or who isnt in the old pride of the deep south full of retarded rednecks , is a negative nancy who needs to stop living at his moms house and get a life lol.

  • daniel magnuson posted 305 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    its a shame that georgia has so many injuries they were the team to beat bama and shoulda mizzou who is overrated and beat even more overrated florida whos pre season rank no10 looks like a joke to my prediction of them going 7-5

  • MyLeathaSoSoft posted 311 days ago


    You posted that on my profile 2 weeks ago.....LOL

    Ha ha aye buddy how does it taste? Look at what this clown C S posted on my profile 2 weeks...where is he now that those Georgia Bulldogs LOST HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    "C S posted 15 days ago

    WHat a complete SORE LOSER you are...running around posting on the UGA boards that "everybody knows if they played again 8 out of 10 times LSU would run Ga out of the building".

    That's really hysterical and we in Dawg Nation do LOVE to see all you pissed off LSwho and USCjr fans making excuses and makes kicking your asses all that much sweeter!

    But the thing you and your LSwho whiners need to admit (even if it's just to yourselves)...the entire COUNTRY saw how UGA SHUT DOWN that "unstoppable" run game you people kept talking shit about before the game...LIGHTS OUT STUFFED HILL! So to paraphrase your BS post a little...the entire NATION saw that if they played 10 more times....LSwho STILL couldnt RUN themselves out of a wet paper bag...much less run UGA out of the building! But you just keep on whining and making excuses...we LOVE to hear it all.

    Oh, by the people better be careful or you may end up with 4 SEC losses...but at least you've got the great Sex Offender running your to see him CHOKE down the stretch while Murray drove for the winning TD with EASE...LMAO!"

  • daniel magnuson posted 313 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    hypocrite you took the time to write a long comment here . sry I offended you so badly didnt know you still need your mother to comfort you .