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  • Elliot Jackson posted 1587 days ago

    Elliot Jackson

    mate both games were amazing. so hungover its not even funny. and its st paddys day today as well. :/

  • Elliot Jackson posted 1588 days ago

    Elliot Jackson

    welcome to my world, thats premier league time for me. Im going to the sydney game to get steaming drunk at 8pm. come home at 11, pass out and then wake up at 2am for arsenal. LOL

  • Elliot Jackson posted 1589 days ago

    Elliot Jackson

    get your tv on tomorrow for sydney fc v melbourn victory tomorrow mate. its where its happening! haha

  • Elliot Jackson posted 1603 days ago

    Elliot Jackson

    mate the thing with the states is (been there twice! im well travelled. lol), is when they wana be good at a sport ...... they damn well get good at a support. The money is there and they pump it into the game, which is a great thing. I havent been exposed to too many games from the States so I cant comment on quality, but Iv seen the states play and they are getting stronger by the game. Seems like a lot of new young players are coming through the systems now. I think globally the sports improving. Its only a matter of time before it really dominates australia as well, theres far too many Europeans and Asians living here now for it not to impact the influences of the country.

    The States focuses on an insane amount of sports though so i would imagine the fan bases are pretty divided. Watched the Superbowl the last couple of years, what a fcukin great sport that is, kills rugby in my opinion, lot better to watch. Shame about the black out delayin everything this year though, their legs must have been freezing up during that stoppage big time!!!
    Ice Hockey is quality to watch as well. Saw the Ducks v the Kings in London when they came out. Cant remember much from it though, was blind drunk! haha

    Theres a few good youngsters coming through the Australian league now. Rogic made his way to Celtic a couple of months ago from the Mariners and Rojas at Melbourne is insanely good, linked with Liverpool.
    But yeah......the overall difference in quality is epitimised for me by Heskey being a superstar out here. LOL

  • Elliot Jackson posted 1603 days ago

    Elliot Jackson

    Where abouts are you from then mate? I was born and bred in london but moved to Sydney after doing a 7 month stint in Asia. Asia was insane, they loved their football out there as well so you could always catch the games and have some banter with the locals.
    Sydney is weird though cos its all AFL, NRL and Cricket! Which obviously in england are the 'upper class' sports, working class is all football. Here football is upper class. Took me ages to get my head around and adjust to it. hahaha.

    Miss going to the Arsenal games big time. But Sydney FC atmosphere is insane. Mainly cos you can bring beers into the stands with you. Its just a massive p*ss up. Love it. But yeah.........the quality of football is awful.

    Cant wait for Tottscum this weekend. Hopefully we bowl them over to silence some of the critics and get within a point of them. I rekon even a draw would leave us open to overtake them. They have a horrible run in to the end of the year.

  • Elliot Jackson posted 1605 days ago

    Elliot Jackson

    im slowly losing the energy with argueing a case with all this Wenger Out, spend $120million on players, given people 250k a week etc etc etc nonsense. lol.

    I think what a lot of these 'fans' dont understand is that Leeds used to dominate the league cos they spent god knows how much money and there are still plenty of real fans about that still watch them week in week out in god knows what league now (league 1?). Thats a real fan.

    Arsenal are still in the champions league and fighting to stay in it, yet people are booing their players off week in week out at the stadium. every game is like an away game, which is a nightmare for the club in every respect.

    shocking days to be a real arsenal fan. got to put up with these numpties bringing us all down