Griffin Jackson

Griffin Jackson


A wildly-passionate sports fan and a fervent writer, I'm always looking forward to the next big game. Give me a drink and a couple of hot-dogs (with extra onions) and you can count me in.

I'm also the founder of The New Mic ( and a regular contributor to a variety of politically- and socially-mindful blogs.

I graduated from Calvin College and am currently a masters student at the University of Chicago. Growing up in Michigan, I love Detroit sports. My bias is toward Michigan State, but I'll root for U of M as long as they're not playing the Spartans. Tennis is my favorite sport to play and, believe it or not, NBA is my favorite to watch. There are few things cooler to think about than the riotous rainbow tsunami that occurs when the Tulane Green Wave meets the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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  • Mackenzie Connell posted 353 days ago

    Mackenzie  Connell

    Subject: Tennis stats

    Hi Griffin Jackson

    I am currently writing a paper on the relationship between serving percentages and number of wins/ranking and I was wondering what sources were used to obtain the stats you published. Any help would be appreciated!

    Mackenzie Connell

  • Chris Esprit posted 1473 days ago

    Chris  Esprit

    Subject: Permission to publish your article on our Magazine

    Hi Griffin Jackson

    I loved reading your article on "Men's Tennis Serve Statistics May Surprise You" on your blog at ""

    I am about to publish a new magazine called “Tennis and Fitness”
    exclusively on the Apple Newsstand and I think the readers of the magazine
    would love to read this article too.

    I was wondering if I could reprint that article in the magazine. If you would
    like me to promote something for you, maybe a book or a specific web page you want me to point people to I would be more than happy to do it. Because it is an interactive magazine, once people have read the article they can be directed straight to a web page of your choice.

    I hope to hear back from you soon

    Kind Regards,

    Chris Esprit