I am Eli Nachmany. Check me out at www.nachmanyfootball.com and give me a follow on Twitter @EliNachmany

I enjoy the stories behind the stories, analyzing how something small can have a lasting effect on a team's performance.

My goal is to one day be the general manager of an NFL team, as roster construction has always interested me.

On May 23, 2011, I became a Featured Columnist on the site. For all of you aspiring writers out there, know that the road to success is winding and narrow. However, through hard work and dedication, anything can be achieved.

I try to respond to every comment on my stories; all comments, likes, and reads are appreciated. I hope you enjoy my work!

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  • RJ Jones posted 564 days ago

    RJ Jones

    Hey Eli,

    I am a huge fan of your blog and I'm stoked that you are a featured writer. I recently made a Superbowl Animation that I really think you will get a huge kick out of. I really hope you watch, enjoy, and share it.

    Thanks dude,
    R.J. Jones


  • Daniel Farrell posted 623 days ago

    Daniel Farrell


    I typed "has a starting rookie QB ever won a Super Bowl" into Google and came across your article "NFL Predictions: Which Rookie QB Will Win a Super Bowl First?" written on Sept. 12th, 2012 and I'm wondering as I write this to you on Jan. 6th, 2013 after the Seahawks beat the Redskins 24-14 in the NFC wild card game, if you have found some way to time travel to future NFL games because your prediction of Russell Wilson being the best pick out of all the 2012 NFL season's 5 starting rookie quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl is looking like it might just come true. Great article!

    Seattle, WA
    12 MAN

  • Adam Griffiths posted 654 days ago

    Adam Griffiths

    Gotta give you props on Getting your Raiders v Broncos Live GAME grade updates in quickly.

    You have been the Quickest at these i've seen so far!

  • Travis Fields posted 705 days ago

    Travis Fields

    Hey Eli,
    You seem like a pretty decent fellow, but please do the NW a favor and don't write articles about teams you obviously don't follow. I like many of BR's articles but when I see articles written that were very obviously not researched properly I feel like maybe you guys are going for quantity over quality in your approach to writing articles.

    If you want to make it as a sports writer you are gonna need to show that you actually know what you are talking about. Grazing over some stats and coming up with an article based on those alone is not gonna look good to anyone that has actually watched the games.

    Watch some film before you put the pen to the paper (so to speak).


  • jack little posted 957 days ago

    jack little

    pick upshaw then ot or another pass rusher because of our bad pass rush fix offense in FA

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick posted 1027 days ago

    Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Hey Eli it's Ryan Fitzpatrick I have read some your articles and i loved them. I couldn't help but notice that your picture seems to be taking place in a locker room. What I was wondering is if you play football. If you do I will try to get you a trip up here to Buffalo to maybe come see a practice and talk to some coaches.

  • Tim Anderson posted 1047 days ago

    Tim  Anderson

    It was a very good article Eli on a hot topic...I hope you pursur it.

  • Garrett Derr posted 1125 days ago

    Garrett Derr

    Hey man I wrote an article about the Top 10 Pro Athletes Who Would Make Good UFC Fighters. Would love to hear what you think man. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/817080-10-pro-athletes-that-would-make-good-ufc-fighters

  • bucky qualls posted 1201 days ago

    bucky qualls

    Eli i need to ask you a question. Are guys like you and Ryan Rudnansky real sports writers. I just joined Bleacher report last week. I am not trying to become a writer like You and Ryan. But i do like to offer up commemts and my opionon. I have been Bashing Tony Romo and jerry Jones pretty good. other Cowboy fans might want to kill me. Is it okay to bash people or would it be better to not post negative comments. Any advice given would be helpful.

  • John Doublin posted 1216 days ago

    John Doublin

    Some big surprises maybe?

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