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  • mani 88a posted 1500 days ago

    mani 88a

    Peter im a cowboy fan, and ive always wondered why Dallas has no retired Numbers?

  • Long gone posted 1655 days ago

    Long gone

    Go Falcons!

  • Brian Richard posted 1765 days ago

    Brian Richard
    check it out

  • Mike Harlos posted 1811 days ago

    Mike Harlos

    Do you have a Twitter account?

  • John Wall Is God posted 1830 days ago

    John  Wall Is God

    still here.........

  • Leon Thomas posted 1960 days ago

    Leon Thomas

    im expecting a GREAT column in about 2 hours lol

  • Peter Matarazzo posted 1993 days ago

    Peter Matarazzo

    Your welcome. Not only am I ready for another season, I'm bursting at the seams. I want them to open the season tonight ! I look forward to working with you and reading your articles. If there is anything you need or if you'd like to chat, don't hesitate to contact me. Again, welcome aboard my friend !!

  • Bo Martin posted 1994 days ago

    Bo Martin

    Thanks for the welcome! I've read quite a few of your articles and am glad to be able to work along side with you here at BR. Ready for another season?

  • Jim Hossbauger posted 2094 days ago

    Jim Hossbauger

    Here's a crazy thought, well completely insane thought!!! If Tony Romo fails to produce this year, a extension is unlikely being he will be 34 at the end of the 2013 season when his contract is up. Dallas trades Romo at the end of this season to probably the Dolphins they like getting former Cowboys players for the same deal as the Raiders had with Cinci.
    Option A) Dalllas trades up to select QB Landry Jones. Step 2, Dallas pulls another Herchel Wallker trade aka sorry to say bye Demarcus Ware even though this would be highly disrespectful, the NFL is a business. Dallas now has the high picks and salary cap space needed to bring them back to the promised land and I think Landry Jones can be very successful in the NFL. Regardless of what Romo does this year, I think dallas will make a move next year for Landry Jones which I think will have a better Senior season than both Griffin and Luck. I'm sure you chuckled at this a few times, I even did writing it but how long can you hope for the future based of the potential of a QB that continues to faulter late in be games.

  • Jim Hossbauger posted 2126 days ago

    Jim Hossbauger

    Jerry Jones just announced that the Redskins and Cowboys will be taking legal action together against the salary cap penalties. Interesting enough, Jones talks about his displeasure about working together with the Redskins, an enemy has now become a friend for Jones. You think they are going to win this? I posted the link below.