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  • Matthew Smith posted 468 days ago

    Matthew Smith

    Thank you!

  • Scott Polacek posted 471 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Appreciate the edits today Benjamim.

  • James MacDonald posted 471 days ago

    James MacDonald

    Thanks for the edits and feedback, Benjamin. I should point out that those weren't spelling errors, though. They were British spellings, which B/R accepts.

  • Craig Amos posted 475 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Thanks a lot, Ben. Appreciate the edit.

  • Jamal Collier posted 475 days ago

    Jamal Collier

    Thanks for the kind words, Ben!

  • Scott Polacek posted 484 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits today Ben. Much appreciated even if you are a Michigan fan haha.

  • James Tillman III posted 491 days ago

    James  Tillman III

    Hello Benjamin. Thanks for the feedback regarding my Joakim Noah piece.

  • Giancarlo King posted 493 days ago

    Giancarlo King

    Thanks for the feedback Ben! One question. why is the main article picture on the Browns main page a different player?

  • Elliott Binks posted 507 days ago

    Elliott Binks

    Thanks for the edit and the feedback, Ben, really do appreciate it. No ones ever explained to me the whole em dash situation, so thanks for clearing that one up for me. Cheers for the great work, man.

  • Stephen Skinner posted 513 days ago

    Stephen Skinner

    Ben, thank you very much for the edits. I truly appreciate them!