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Tyler Hemstreet

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The great thing about writing about sports is that it doesn't even seem like work. Covering professional sports is like being in a bizzaro world of great plotlines brewing in a mixture of money, ego, adrenaline and greed.
Where else can you pull a "Manny being Manny" and still be rewarded with a $27 million a year contract?
My greatest love is the NBA. I'm a huge hoops junkie and the Northwest just isn't the same without the Sonics.
I grew up a big Golden State Warriors fan in the RunTMC era and still love the Warriors. Chris Mullin is the man!
Professionally I spent three years behind the camera as a sports anchor at an NBC affiliate in Nebraska getting to know and love the Huskers. Moved to the Seattle-area for something new and got into print journalism. I freelance for a daily newspaper covering prep sports and work as a contract writer for the Air Force.

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