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Hey I'm Micheal or if you prefer you can call me Mike. I love the Outdoor world! I'd drop anything, call off work just for a day on the creek or a day hunting. If you want to know anything, please ask.

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  • David McClure posted 3191 days ago

    David McClure

    I thought you might appreciate this, I stopped for 25 minutes to fish at a freidns house. I had a hunch to use a Zoom Super Hog in Neon Flash. I was going to fish the main lake but changed my mind and decided to take my own advice, which I had given too someone earlier that day, and fish this small shallow bay.
    It had a muddy bottom and the sun was warm. This was saturday in Michigan.
    I ended up catching 4 bass in 5 casts all weighing in at 4 lbs plus. That's not a big deal in the South I suppose but for cold weather, northern strain fish, that's something. The state record is only 11 lbs here I believe. The last fish I caught was over 6. What a day!

  • Dustin Cohick posted 3204 days ago

    Dustin Cohick

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  • G D posted 3283 days ago

    G D


    When you think of the ultimate football player, who do you think of?I think of one guy. I think of Larry Fitzgerald. Let me know what you think.


  • G D posted 3293 days ago

    G D


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