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I am a graduate of the Columbia University School of Journalism and a lifelong sports fan! I write for The Best Sports Blog ( and Bleacher Report so check out all my stuff!

Iwas born in Chicago, IL and am a devout Chicago Bulls, Cubs, and Bears fan. I make up for his lifelong suffering as a Cubs fan with a healthy mix of sports journalism and entrepreneurship that keeps me going every day!

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  • Mark Heidema posted 767 days ago

    Mark Heidema

    Paul, I also found the same article about the 5 Bold Predictions why MSU football is doomed. I understand that you needed to make bold and senseless predictions to give yourself credibility with your sports colleagues but this article is ridiculous. Having attended Columbia University School of Journalism I thought you would have more professional and creative sense. I think you should "man up" and write about the success of MSU and Coach Dantonio since 2012. You should write about their consecutive 11-win seasons, their Bowl win-streaks and going to the Playoff's this season. Please don't write any more senseless articles about a Program that you don't thoroughly understand. Stick with your Cub's and continue to suffer with them.

  • Trevor Upchurch posted 1502 days ago

    Trevor Upchurch

    So Paul I found an old article of yours called "5 Bold Predictions why Michigan State football is Doomed" and wow you were dead wrong on the subject huh? Now you might've looked smart around this time last year but again you're wrong and MSU is Rose Bowl bound hahahahahahaha

  • Julian Z posted 1894 days ago

    Julian Z

    Paul, what indoor soccer match did you go to?

    And why would you think of it as a mistake?! The indoor game is awesome! I have been following the Baltimore Blast for years now and they never fail to excite me. The pace is so fast and there is a much more intimate feel at the games.

  • Josh Smith Sucks posted 1930 days ago

    Josh Smith Sucks

    Please reply to my comment about Demarcus Ware in your 50 coolest athletes article.

  • Philip posted 1958 days ago


    Quit being Bias

  • Michael Santos posted 1982 days ago

    Michael Santos

    you suck

  • ron johnson posted 2165 days ago

    ron johnson

    Paul you are a turd.