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28 year old basketball and boxing fan. I write articles based on my opinions and what most people around me say. Writing is the outlet of my emotions. I make it to a point to be as fair as possible but I know that sometimes my emotions gets the best of me.
I'm a:
Frustrated professional basketball player.
Frustrated sports writer.
Frustrated sports analyst.

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  • Clayton Holloway posted 1963 days ago

    Clayton Holloway


    I want to know your honest opinion about the video. All the Mayweather-Pacquiao bickering aside. Id like to know your thoughts...

  • siparia bonito posted 1981 days ago

    siparia bonito

    which one actually had sex with men ??

  • siparia bonito posted 1981 days ago

    siparia bonito

    pleasecheck you facts before making your self souwho or what is ring magazine belt ??
    the last time i checked it was a bunch of sports writers that sits around a table that award pacquiao with a belt .now tell me of the seven belts that you said pacquiao has how much of it was awarded by ring magazine sport writers . ( 2 ) that leaves manny pacquiao with how many belts ? nd like a PIN .

  • Richard Bowler posted 1981 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    If you have time Check out my Mock Draft