Luis Montalvo

Luis Montalvo

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Born in New York City to Maria Hernandez and Daniel Montalvo. At the age of five ,I moved from the city to Closter, New Jersey about ten minutes from the George Washington Bridge. I attended Northern Valley Regional in Demarest, New Jersey. I played varsity basketball there for three years and was named all-league two years. I Graduated in 2011. I currently attend Rutgers University and plan on studying business law. I fell in love with sports at the age of five after watching Dan Marino lead the Dolphins to a playoff victory the Seattle Seahawks in the 1999 NFL playoffs. As a little child, i loved the Philadelphia Flyers because of their awesome uniforms. Sports are my passion. I love hanging out with friends and living life to the fullest. I am in love with California, but New York City is who I am and will always be.

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