2012 graduate of Montclair State University with honors and a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies. I plan on going to graduate school to earn my Master's Degree, as well.

I have loved sports ever since I was a toddler, and I have always wanted to be involved with sports somehow. I feel that the best way to do that is to utilize my writing and analytical skills in the field of sports media.

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  • Ken Kaneki posted 1029 days ago

    Ken Kaneki

    You've been drinkin sire. How the hell BR are paying you with your crap articles? SMH.

  • Miles Jones posted 1397 days ago

    Miles Jones

    I thought you might find this post pretty interesting Mr. Schmidt. Lebron James' sons' basketball team, the Miami City Ballers, just released a new video entitled 'Miami City Ballers Bash Video'. The video is a player verse parent game. I know how people are intrigued with watching Lebron James Jr.'s basketball skills, and in this video he displays some pretty awesome moves like his father in his youth. Not only is Fab Five great, Juwan Howard's son in the video, but so is the retired Miami Heat vet. I thought it was awesome to seeJuwan Howard in action as a father on the court.

    Check it out! It may be worth a post!:

    The video was directed by Oz Productions and the song 'Shine (Jewelry)' was created by Benjamin Bill and the Fire Starter. AWESOME VIDEO! These kids have talent.

    Thanks for your time,
    Miles Jones

  • Jon Davis posted 1419 days ago

    Jon Davis

    Matt. What do you think about Jeff Green's nonexistent aggressiveness coming from the fact that Brad Stevens knows that Green can drive to the hole whenever he wants. Since it is a tanking season, do you think Brad is trying to work on Green's outside game with him?

  • Sleepy Fraud posted 1561 days ago

    Sleepy Fraud

    Yikes! You obviously are a sleep when the Kings play out west. DeMarcus Cousins will not be a star. To say so means the Kings will be good. Your looking at a 32 win team. Sorry DeMarcus.

  • Doug Berlin posted 1655 days ago

    Doug Berlin

    Anyone out there who thinks Fab Melo has a chance of playing any kind of meaningful role in the NBA had better look again. Comparing him to Seven Adams is an insult to the entire Adams family, including Cousin Itt.

  • Hoop don posted 1795 days ago

    Hoop don

    Hey Mathew, would appreciate it if you checked out this post regarding rebounding vs. shot locations and defensive systems. It could help explain why the Celtics are better rebounders then many give them credit for.


  • Cody Glaser posted 1833 days ago

    Cody Glaser

    FORGET KENYON MARTIN!!!! You need to write an article on how the Celtics really need to sign Jarvis Varnado of the Sioux Falls Skyforce. I watched Varnado torture my Kentucky Wildcats for four years to the tune of becoming the NCAA all-time leader in block shots. Boston needs help defensively, especially when KG goes out of the game. Varnado is averaging 15.7ppg, 9.3rpg, and 5.7bpg. With as much as I love Fab Melo's potential, Varnado is a much better player than Fab right now, and Jason Collins as well. I was able to watch Greg Steimsma in person while he played for the Skyforce, and now I get to watch Jarvis, and Jarvis is a much better player than Greg in all aspects of the game. Boston tried to re-sign Greg, and instead they got Darko. Now Darko is gone, and Jarvis is available. He would come cheaper than Kenyon Martin, and he is much younger, and less of a head case. Please wright this article!!!!!! I want to see Jarvis in Celtic green!!!! He could really contribute to this years team.