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  • Robin S posted 1022 days ago

    Robin S

    Now you sound like a loser. I do understand what you said. But you read just like you think. You only read what you want and ignore the rest. I've already asked how could you "just take away Chelsea and City and you can see that Arsenal is 2nd in the table last season." On what basis are you taking two teams away? You've not answered that yet convincingly. SUCCESS IS THE YARDSTICK NOT HOW YOU ACHIEVE IT. I've clearly explained why Arsenal are not the second best in an objective term giving the facts and what success means in football irrespective of money spent. If you notice I've also said best is a subjective term. If you ask someone which is the best place in the world he would say one place and the next person may not give the same answer but it doesn't mean either are wrong or one is giving "lame excuse" or not "accepting facts". It's purely subjective.

    "Your refusal to admit to the fact and coming out with 101 lame response is the act of a loser." - lol... refusal to admit fact? You're stating your opinions as facts and want others to accede. for eg: "You still don't accept the fact that Arsenal is the second best team in the league." fact? when you make a statement it automatically becomes fact? and 101 lame excuses? look where you stand first. "just take away Chelsea and City" - this is one of those lame excuses!
    If you base your arguments on subjective terms and ignore facts you will lose almost always. Remember that next time and be more levelheaded.

  • Robin S posted 1023 days ago

    Robin S

    "We don't need you around." - LOL don't act like a crybaby. I mean who's coming to you (all). Mind your business and everything will be fine.

  • Robin S posted 1023 days ago

    Robin S

    "You claim you are watching as a neutral." - Again shows your naivety. Read carefully what I said. I am not "watching" as a neutral. I am just "speaking" with a neutral perspective. When I watch i am just like any other normal fan.This is the difference, since you're biased to the hilt you can't understand it. I can accept things as it is but you only take what you want and dismiss other things as it doesn't exist. "pessimist and bias" - who is biased here? you. why? Arsenal second best? on what basis? The last time I checked league tables of the last 5 seasons I couldn't find a single season where Arsenal finished 2nd. Thrice 4th. Twice third. Still second best? Meanwhile how many trophies have Chelsea won? And MU. So even your argument of Arsenal being the second best team during "these years" is utterly flawed. Get a grip man. You don't have any fact to argue your case except your prejudice which won't get you anywhere. Ignorance is not a sin. But i do understand it's borne out of sheer love and passion for your club. Resorting to calling names shows desperation on your part. This is far too one-sided, better luck next time mate!

  • Robin S posted 1023 days ago

    Robin S

    The person who commented below in your BB is the biggest idiot on this site to the extent that it's better to ignore such impersonators who claim to know everything but actually know very little and regularly get their account freezed by B/R for violating the behavioural standards.

    After a point when I realize there's nothing too imp in the comment I don't reply. Simple as that. It doesn't mean i am ignoring rather it means you have got nothing imp to say and there's no point in continuing.Optimism and pessimism. Now read the stuff you have written on my BB. It's not from an objective perspective at all. The difference between you and me is you think more like a partisan supporter but I have a more neutral viewpoint.

    In a nutshell: "it is obvious that apart from Manchester UTD, Arsenal are second best in the league if we don't count City and Chelsea who had more money than anyone else." - best is a subjective term. Based on history, MU, Liverpool, Arsenal etc may be the best but the best term can mean other things as well..

    "i do not understand why you need to be so negative towards the very club you claim to support. The facts are out there that arsenal is 2nd best in the league without factoring Chelse and City, the only conclusion i can conclude is that you are too delusion. Perhaps try to be more Objective and you can see what everyone else means. " - don't write such stupid things and put yourself into the esteemed category of your fellow supporter.
    "2nd best in the league without factoring Chelse and City" - this is ridiclous. without factoring two teams. Those two play in the same league and yes Chelsea are a big club and MC have the resources to be big club. Again I am saying best is subjective. But success is the yardstick and there's no rule stating you can't/shouldn't buy success.

    Don't misinterpret. I just said "currently" Spurs have a better squad than Arsenal. Liverpool were going through a testing period but are on track again. I don't know why it felt so bad to you. You said Arsenal are second best and I assume it's based on history if so Liverpool will be above Arsenal. If you can't accept this or your loyalty to a particular institution doesn't let you accept this then i can't do anything. And it's not my problem. I just say things as it is. Arsenal are a big club. I like watching them play. But they have underachieved over the past few years and the manager played a part in that, that's all I meant. It doesn't mean he's a bad manager or suddenly Arsenal are a small club. But in the meantime clubs like Tottenham gradually closed the gap to Arsenal and now are competing on level playing field. You have to accept this. And you seem to ignore teams that "buy" success. That's not the right thing to do because at the end of the day winning is the yardstick of success irrespective of how you achieve it. You wouldn't get any special cup for winning the title in a sustainable model and by that I mean don't exclude clubs like Chelsea just because they're funded by rich benefactors. You can call me whatever you want; optimistic, pessimistic or whatever but it doesn't make you any better... Hope you get it... Nothing against you. Don't write to me unless you have something very important or meaningful to say.


  • only 1 posted 1024 days ago

    only 1

    Hey Explicit X,

    just to say well done on the thread:http://bleacherreport.com/articles/959520-arsenal-fc-why-arsene-wenger-had-to-give-up-his-pride-to-save-arsenals-season

    you have absolutely given this person Robin Superficial a good trashing of his thoughts. Looks like he is unable to reply to the actual facts and had run away into his hole..

    well just don't be surprise soon if you see him 'boasting' he had won all these conversations with you.. this is the typical loser you see who boast how good or how smart he is when the actual fact is the opposite.