Dan Rosa

Dan Rosa


Hey, my name's Dan Rosa. I'm a college kid having some fun with satire. Check out my site: thewhitehouseplumber.blogspot.com. Thanks!

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  • David Robinson posted 3258 days ago

    David Robinson

    Some of your best work will never be properly recognized until you make it big, that's just the way life works. If your writing was really good, you could kill yourself and then let people "discover' how great you were lol.
    I suggest reading Norman Chad of the Washington Post. He's HILARIOUS!!! Also, Stephen A. Smith, and of course; Tony Kornheiser.

  • David Robinson posted 3264 days ago

    David Robinson

    Dude, that article wrote itself. The only way to get better is to read what the top writers are doing. So depending on what you want to write about, check out the leaders in that specific community and see how they write. It'll help you get better.
    BTW- I really liked that Blogger story. Funny stuff like that will get you more views. Just market yourself correctly and the views will start flying in. I'm up to like 80-100 views, but the goal is 10,000.

  • Tim Coughlin posted 3265 days ago

    Tim Coughlin

    Yeah, headlines can be tricky on B/R sometimes with character limits and trying to get full names and whatnot.

    What about something like "Kevin Durant Only Oklahoma City Thunder Player to Quit Day Job," or something along those lines? It gets more keywords in the headline and gets them in early, which is really helpful for people finding the story when they search Google News, etc. No big deal either way, though.