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I am life long Devils, 9ers, and Yankees fan. Mostly the Devils. I am die hard Devils fan, I even attended the game seven of the cup finals in 2003.

I also believe in being critical toward anything and everything. If it is not worth being questioned then it is not worth being talked about. I am a college graduate and hold a BA from Montclair State University and an MA from Seton Hall University.

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  • Maya Filipovic posted 3277 days ago

    Maya Filipovic

    Hey, sorry I didn't get to it in time. Another editor attacked it before I could :)

  • Maya Filipovic posted 3284 days ago

    Maya Filipovic

    Haha I was just kidding about that, but it is true that some don't think we have the same "luxuries". They do get aired, obviously if there is a Canadian team playing the same night that game will be aired over any American teams. But we do get US channels which play games, and of course those with satellite get everything. Unfortunately I didn't get to see it because I locked myself in my room and forced myself to study for my final haha.

  • Maya Filipovic posted 3284 days ago

    Maya Filipovic

    Haha we do have TV's all the way out in Alberta. That does help :)

  • Melissa Hanschell posted 3285 days ago

    Melissa Hanschell


    No problem, let me know if you want an extra hand on the editing with any of your future articles!
    A lot of people didn't appreciate Gilmour, but man was he one of a kind! Great all-round player that's for sure!
    Anyway dont want to start rambling about god knows what, so ill be looking forward to more of your stuff!