Levi Webb


A Nebraska football nut and a father of8 5 my own and 3 with new wife. Been in sports all my life and played football for a total of 12 years and wrestled for 2. I love sports and take a stand for the truth and do not believe we need kick someone when they are done for all may one day rise up. I take a stand and make my stand even if others find me wrong for doing so as I have always did things my way and not give in to the crowd or believe it is right because everyone else feels that way.

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  • Lenny Dobens posted 1876 days ago

    Lenny Dobens

    Huskers suck.

  • Levi Webb posted 2250 days ago

    Levi Webb

    I think Suh could have handled the situation better, but any league actions needs to fall on all 4 players. Do not single Suh out as the others players played a huge part in what happened. His so called slamming of the other players head into the ground was no more than what the Packer player did to Suh before that and the whole game this Packer player did cheap shots to Suhs head and anyone gets tired of it after awhile. I blame the refs, if they would call it when the other player first cheap shots we would not see this type of play. Then the Packer player tired to slam Suh and could not and then would not let go of Suh if we are going to tell the story let us tell the whole story