Edward Brewer

Edward Brewer


Hello all, my name is Ed, and I am a massive sports fans. I am from the Boston area, and have been lucky enough to see my four favorite sports teams take home championships in my lifetime. On top of the "four major sports," I am a UFC and WWE fan.

My favorite sports are baseball and basketball, and I can't decide which one I prefer between them. I truly enjoy the cerebral aspect of baseball, as it really is a thinking person's game. With basketball, there is nothing more thrilling to me than being at a basketball with a close score and little time on the clock.

From a writing standpoint, you can articles that tend to be on the lighter side of things, with a focus on the NBA, UFC, and WWE. I really enjoy NBA history, so there would be lots of articles about classic teams, players, and other cut things during this dark lockout. From the UFC, I am a big fan of "The Ultimate Fighter" and when a season is in progress, expect most of my UFC-oriented articles to be centered around the show. As far as the WWE goes, expect anything from past WWE, present WWE, and future WWE oriented articles.

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