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Tim Sillery


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  • John Cherian posted 840 days ago

    John Cherian

    Hey Tim, I'm sorry for that comment. I was too rash. Sorry for acting stupid.

  • John Cherian posted 841 days ago

    John Cherian

    Hey, Tim, you useless jerk. Arsenal will qualify for UCL and Spurs will lose out. Then you can hate Arsenal even more....haha...

  • Dustin Murrell posted 905 days ago

    Dustin Murrell

    Right on, that's one of my favorite things to write! Thanks for letting me know, the writers really appreciate that kind of thing!

  • Dustin Murrell posted 906 days ago

    Dustin Murrell

    Hey Tim, thanks for being a fan, aka one of "Dustin's Diamonds."

  • Jack Woodfield posted 963 days ago

    Jack Woodfield

    True, but your comment made me chuckle in dangerous ways, so much so that the missus has now had to excuse herself from our living room.

  • Richard Warrell posted 978 days ago

    Richard Warrell

    Yo Tim - just replied to your comment on here, if you didn't see: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1460087-divas-knockouts-critiquing-their-shoots-for-2012

    I liked what you said :)

  • Kyle Poole posted 1049 days ago

    Kyle Poole

    Hey! I have a WWE/UFC Twitter account that is starting to grow. If you have a Twitter, it'd be much appreciated if you followed @CZSports