David Dossey

David Dossey


Texan living in Washington DC. played football in High School, follower of the game. I love Babies, the are so honest it hurts. Honesty is good when the facts are solid. made up honesty sucks.

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  • Jim Sullivan posted 2246 days ago

    Jim Sullivan

    I do care what you think and I appreciate you telling me your opinion. Verbal abuse is common, yes, but some fans do take it too far, such as with chants and yells containing curse words. LSU is a successful football school that has fans that are not only take pride in their team, but also in their state. It's tough to claim any one fan base is worse than the other, but I asked my editors to do such a story and thus did my best to research and write it fairly, despite my bias or experience. I am an Aggie, yes, but I don't give myself a status as higher class or anything like that; I just attempted to be fair and while I understand you disagree with me, as have many other people who read my article, it's just how I read and understood the data and stories that I found. I do appreciate you informing me of what you thought as it will help me in the future when I write, possibly about LSU.