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  • Ilyse Mosse posted 836 days ago

    Ilyse Mosse

    Jeff, how did you leave Hakeem NIcks off of your latest article. For shame, or give me a really good explanation. Because on offense it is Eli and Nicks that are the cornerstones and make the difference between failure and success.

  • Lou Rom posted 864 days ago

    Lou Rom

    Hey Jeff, btw, I became a Giants FC a couple of months ago, that's why I ask.

  • Lou Rom posted 864 days ago

    Lou Rom

    Hey Steven, btw, I became a Giants FC a couple of months ago, that's why I ask.

  • Lou Rom posted 864 days ago

    Lou Rom

    Hey Jeff, trying to get a feel for BR and the staffers here, wondering how things work and so on. I have two questions for you if you would not mind answering them? 1.) How long have you been a FC? 2.) Have you been paid to cover any events for BR? Just curious, thanks. - Lou

  • Dan Orlando posted 923 days ago

    Dan Orlando


    Huge fan. Love your dedication and attention to detail.

  • Geoffrey Morton posted 967 days ago

    Geoffrey Morton

    Just wanted to say I think you're a great writer. I too have a love for the Giants and I've learned a lot about them from reading your articles, so I was wondering if you could check out some of my articles and give me any feedback you might have as to how I can become a better/more insightful writer.


  • Manuel Collado posted 1023 days ago

    Manuel Collado

    Hakeem > Jordan? why? PLEASE RESPOND I really want to hear this.

  • Tom Pav posted 1053 days ago

    Tom Pav

    Jeff, Your article on the Top 25 most overrated Giants was pretty brutal. Take for example your assessment of #5 David Diehl. Since when does a 5th round pick who doesn't miss a start in his fist 7 1/2 years and played 4 different positions because the team needed it be called overrated? Diehl is having a great year at LG and looks like the only one on the O-Line doing his job. Diehl would be having a much better year if he was still at LT than the 2nd round bust William Beatty. Get some knowledge of the game (you probably never played anything) before you just throw some junk on paper because you need a controversial article. TP from Southside Chicago

  • sam uzzo posted 1059 days ago

    sam uzzo

    hey jeff i have brandon llyod and eric decker and preston parker which one should i start?

  • sam uzzo posted 1069 days ago

    sam uzzo

    hey jeff love this site do u think i should drop devery henderson and pick up victor cruz

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