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  • C S posted 456 days ago

    C S

    Hey TROLL...guess you're not running your mouth so much after your boys are now Auburn's BIOTCH...AND after getting STOMPED by a mediocre Big12 team....AND having to stoop to poaching a benchwarming QB from an ACC school....AND having your prize 5 star QB recruit give Bama the finger!.....LMAO!

  • Mr Avon posted 475 days ago

    Mr Avon

    Retard at its finest.

  • Mr Avon posted 475 days ago

    Mr Avon

    Enough with the football Tater, those fries need flipping.

  • Seahawks Fan Waa Waah posted 653 days ago

    Seahawks Fan Waa Waah

    Bama is garbage. Always has been, always will be.

  • 1Brunette2Go posted 674 days ago


    Old fat man: That's why you are so bitter, troll on!

    Pot = murder...And then there is reality. Google it!


    Gators: No Fly Zone :-)

  • Jeff Vito posted 677 days ago

    Jeff Vito

    Judging by the posts below you are obviously a trolling bama loser with nothing better to do than go psot on other teams articles... get a life and stop dreaming about bama football while banging your cousin you old peice of trash.

  • robb Gilchrist posted 677 days ago

    robb Gilchrist

    What do you do to troll all these folks and make them so mad?

  • Tiger Diesel posted 688 days ago

    Tiger  Diesel

    Is that you in the photo? Goddamn you're ugly. You couldn't get laid in a chimp whorehouse with a sack full of bananas.

  • Noneuffur business posted 754 days ago

    Noneuffur business

    you were born from your mothers ass

  • Noneuffur business posted 754 days ago

    Noneuffur business

    you stupid piece of shit!