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  • john davis posted 2054 days ago

    john davis

    really makes you wonder whats up ? holgs needs to get the d c figured out soon . Im not sold on deforest as the dc if thats where this is going

  • Elbert Elswick posted 2060 days ago

    Elbert Elswick

    I moved from WV to Richmond, VA back in 1973. At that time, a former local university basketball coach - Chuck Noel - used to have a sports radio talk show where he kept stressing that Virginia's schools (UVA and VaTech) needed to be doing what WVU was already doing.

    At that time, WVU was traveling to where ever they had to go to play quality teams. Teams like Oklahoma (and WVU won). UVA and VaTech did not play quality opponets, still had losing records, and were unable to recruit kids from Virginia - the kids were going out-of-state to play on teams that played good opponents.

    At that time, there was a lot of local newspapers stories and local tv comments about WVU. It seemed to me, that WVU was getting more media coverage than the combination of UVA and VaTech. At least WVU was winning.

    Over the years, as UVA (Geore Welsh) and VaTech (once Beamer started winning) started to win, the press coverage for WVU has faded and the focus has become more "Virginia" oriented. Still, whenever the Virgina teams play WVU, it is almost a backyard brawl among the fans in this area. And there are a lot of WVU fans.

    Only way WVU will ever really know how good we stack up against the Big12 teams are to play them on a regular basis. Can't wait for that to happen.

    I'm sure Oklahoma would like to repay us for a bowl game from a few years ago. And Kansas State basketball fans remember how Huggins left town - even thought Kansas State has done very well without him.

    In a way, I hate to see the BigEast change like it is. But at the same time, the issues causing these changes were known even before the first ACC raid of the Big East.

    Let the Big12 games begin....