Russ Kraft

Russ Kraft


Baseball (and Senior Softball) are passions. My business card says 'Softball Junkie' - Have Bat Will Travel. Most of my commentary will be on MLB teams and players. I will have strong opinions on many items - like YES, Justin Verlander was the MVP. Yes Barry Sanders, was the best running back. Yes, Pro Basketball has shot itself in the foot. Yes, pro Hockey is underrated because it's exposure in not widespread in the U.S.

So expect to read my side of various arguments and like or dislike my comments but respect my right to have 'my opinion' and I'll respect your right to disagree.

At 75 I will again be traveling the U.S. on a senior softball team. I have found out you don't get old from playing a sport, you get old from not playing. It could also be said that having a sports opinion is better than having no opinion. Hope I can contribute.

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