Colin Legge

Colin Legge


I am a diehard Texans fan. I watch them every Sunday and I fallow them by heart. I tore my ACL and meniscus playing football and reinjured my ACL afterward, so now I am no longer able to play football. During my 7th grade year in football I played Fullback (I was the primary runner though) and set a team record with 21 rushing TD's in 1 season (which was cut short to 6 games because of Hurricane Ike) and 5 rushing TD's in one game. In 8th grade I only got 2 TD's and tore my ACL and meniscus in the 3rd game. I rehabbed it back (without surgery) and played again at the end of the season. It got reinjured in that game. I have since have surgery on both my ACL and meniscus, but I am no longer able to play football, but I still very much play basketball.

I am in my high school's varsity band. I play bass trombone, and I guess you could say my injury was my calling to band. I am in love with music and sports, and I hope to live my life that way. During football season, I can't get enough football, both high school and professional.

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