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I like Soccer, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Kung-fu, Grappling, Underground Fights

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  • sherwin villarica posted 306 days ago

    sherwin villarica

    Note: Neither did Floyd KO 5 of his opponents since in 2009 except for Victor Ortiz in 2011 who was about to embrace him as apology for headbutt (intentional or not), but Mayweather punched him & KOed him because he was just caught unaware & Floyd didn't even want a rematch. Floyd also controls the money of TMT so his opponents should be humble or hehehe...

  • sherwin villarica posted 392 days ago

    sherwin villarica

    Can Pacman go down to super flyweight and bantamweight divisions to make him a ten-division world champ? Maybe even after his retirement to beat also Foreman's record as the oldest boxing champ in history. Hehehe. Just dreaming with Pacman. That will be the World's Greatest Comeback in BOXING HISTORY!

  • sherwin villarica posted 635 days ago

    sherwin villarica My friend said it's a natural occurrence when orthodox & southpaw face. I answered: He can keep capitalizing on that as accident & unintentional. I like Marquez well. Your ate Sarah & I believe Marquez should have won the 2nd & 3rd fight by points but it's just national pride that we want Pacman to win. Other than that, judges have their criteria of judging & ways of seeing things, besides the fact that Pacman is a more marketable commodity in sportsbiz & gamblers in Vegas. I faced 5 southpaws already in early 90's & won without stepping on their right foot, because my cousin who thought me is a southpaw boxer & yawyan himself. I loss to 2 orthodox by points & I wondered. Watch all my videos in our group with a pro & ask where my style is more applicable, to orthodox or to southpaw. To step on Pacman's foot 17x in theiir trilogy & this time in their fourth clash that sent him to canvass, I think is not an accident but a game plan. However it could have been prevented if he learned from their trilogy when he felt his right foot was cramping. It's all his fault. He's scattered brain & doesn't know how to say NO or maybe still hungry for popularity & accepts matters in politcal businesses, showbiz as actor & producer, commercials or endorsements where sleeping pattern is destroyed in taping, bible ambassador & pastorship which competed his mental focus. He has no focus at all. Marquez's style is very much applicable to a slugger & a steady fighter who keeps attacking & doesn't backout. Combinations can be applied in a cornered fighter as it is to those who don't back out & don't apply lateral, side to side movement, & forget to use left & right parry. In his 1st fall in 3rd round, that was clear & I consider it a rainbow phantom punch which I used to bigger opponents in late 80's until a Bicolano jabbed me straight to my mouth in Camp Crame. His final fall was the favorite counter my cousin used to teach (but credit goes to Emiliano Zapata "the Pride of Phlippine Yaw-yan"): when orthodox delivers right straight or a southpaw uses right jab, parry & step your left foot forward to his right side diagonally as you dodge opponent's right hand, weave to his right side delivering right straight to the chin or nose, followed up by left uppercut to the liver or floating ribs, & left hook to the jaw or temple.... NICE COMBO. I like Marquez's combo & counters. His stone or frozen cold face that even under multiple attacks on feet or ground, his eyes never wink & eyebrows are still fencing which make his opponents think he can stand those. His eyes are always alive, never seen him with dead eyes or lazy stares.

    I again replied to my friend's reactions: I again replied to my friend's reactions: Yap, overconfidence bcoz he knew he hit him hard in the nose & mouth & they were bleeding. It was no lucky puch. Even if there is, they were reminded before the fight: "Protect yourself at all times." Lucky Punch that causes KO is not a dead fist or desperate punch but a living fist of a warrior with a heart of a champion who throws punches as long as he stands. He'll fight till the end which demands iron will to win. It was a game plan against the southpaw perfectly executed as he pinned the right pivot. As in a fighter plane, target locked then fire! Undeniably a cheap shot so I said in trilogy, as for me he won, but Pacman doesn't call it cheat so neither I will though that's what I feel.

    If Pacquiao is too old as a tree that cannot b bent, as usual, he'll loose! PARADIGM SHIFT! Is it pride that he won't try Ali, Leonard & Mayweather's style to slugging counter punchers--outboxing, rope-a-dope, turtle plan? He needs to adopt new strategies or tactics, parry with quick hand tapping the opponent's strikes. If he does it fast & strong as inside block, Marquez's arms will cross, follow up & combo will b neutralized. If as if outside block (semi-sunblock or downward block), he can penetrate inside. It's legal in boxing. Parry is not the same as Karate's outside & inside block. There's an advance pro-boxing style of attacking while blocking, weaving, & dodging. A left handed fighter trained perfectly can be a liver destroyer because its anatomical site is at the right side of the body which is nearer to southpaw's stronger weapon when facing toe-to-toe with his opponent. But he must apply liver assault as a counter. If he'll do it to a counter fighter without attack, he might b countered on the same spot (liver) which will b open also when he delivers liver blow thru uppercut. Maybe lliver chop using low left hook is better, coz he can guard his liver as he attacks other's liver. Of course, I mean, lower hook to the liver as a counter or his face will be open to right straight or right hook. He can also play as out-boxer or counter puncher. As in your Aikido, without attack you can't just counter specially when your discipline is self-defense. Though in Combat Aikido, you will be taught to attack & counter the counter. Maybe, Roach saw no defect in their former strategies, & thought Pacman just need to double his speed. The problem is he got so big, muscular which might have affected his reflexes & elusiveness. Marquez on the other hand may not be as fast & strong as Pacman but his unwinking eyes can easily read attacks which are slower than before, good timing of counter causes impact, & that he can easily dodge due to his good reflexes. I think that's the idea why there was an issue that he took ballet lessons. Many just laughed at it & said he's gay. He's very wise. That's the same reason why I want my kids & I to have ballet lessons or wushu (Chinese Kung-fu) again.