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I hail from lovely Massachusetts where everybody and their grandmother is a sports enthusiast. Personally, the only thing I love more than watching sports...is debating them.

At an early age, in the early 90's, I privately declared that I could never attach myself to losing franchises, thus divorcing myself from the hometown Red Sox and New England Patriots. I maintained my love for the Celtics and adopted the Orioles and Dolphins as "my" teams. I valued winners...like Baltimore (eek) and Dan Marino (whoops.)

Then...Tom Brady happened. And Theo Epstein happened. And then...2001 happened; and 2003; and 2004...twice over; and 2007.

I was never much a hockey fan, but seeing family and friends celebrate the 2011 Stanley Cup (their eight championship in eleven years) certainly left a sting. Hey, at least I had the C's in '08...right?

I currently live just outside of Phoenix and root for the same teams i declared "mine" when I was five years old. I've been a fanatic through the few ups and many downs over the past two decades and now get the chance to write about them.

I work with kids each day and I am currently on track to becoming a high school english teacher. When I'm not watching sports, I'm either on the phone annoying my long time girlfriend with sports discussion or outdoors playing them (poorly) with a few good friends.

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