Anne Scarbrough

Anne Scarbrough


I'm a lifelong college football fan with interest in major league baseball and college basketball as well. I feed my face and feed my soul as a theatre artist, and am also very interested in politics.

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  • Henry Ball posted 2913 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    I have just published a battle cry for (LSU) Tiger Nation. It's a must read for Tiger fans and it might be my best literary effort to date, I hope everyone will enjoy regardless of team or sport affiliation.

    Please let me know what you think, I hope you like it and feel free to recommend it to a couple of friends if you find me worthy!.

    Thanks in advance - HB

  • Robb Humphrey posted 3224 days ago

    Robb Humphrey

    When you have a chance, here's my newest...

    hope you like it...


  • Robb Humphrey posted 3226 days ago

    Robb Humphrey

    Howdy Anne

    I had the pleasure of reading your comments on Lisa's article and found you are in my FAVORITE place, the theatre. I want to act SO bad, but alas, army life for

    I would like to keep writing to you and talking shop about playscripts and performing, if at all possible...

    hope we can become good friends...


  • Lou Vozza posted 3247 days ago

    Lou Vozza

    Nice to get a comment from someone who's not a drunk teenager. haha Hope you are not offended by the fact that I post pictures of scantily clad cheerleaders with my articles. It's a desperate attempt to increase my readership.

  • Lisa Horne posted 3249 days ago

    Lisa Horne


    I'm shocked too...where did they go? I have no clue! I'll write Zander and find out!

  • Brad James posted 3251 days ago

    Brad James


    I did not watch DeAndre Brown get hurt primarily because I don't believe in bowl season, at least under the current format. I will gladly watch the bowls if they are part of a playoff system. Otherwise, it's NFL, NBA and college basketball for me. My Christmas wish is that we get a playoff, although you are welcome to think whatever you want.

  • Brad James posted 3252 days ago

    Brad James

    Anne, about your comments on a playoff. It's football, they're going to get hurt whether they play six games or 66 games. That is the lamest argument ever. With that said, Merry Christmas.