Rick Bradberry

Rick Bradberry


1968 Bama Grad... Retired US Army... O6... MOS 18A... 25 Months of combat service... Silver Star Bronze Star 3 Purple Hearts... Now I play golf, watch football, and when the season is over I can't wait for it to start again.

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  • Alaska C130airdrop posted 1901 days ago

    Alaska C130airdrop

    Hahahahaha!! No, I honestly don't think SEC fans had anything to do with my being axed. I put that up a sort of SNL style mockery of how the SEC supposedly gets all this bias from every sports media outlet there is.

    First and foremost, thank you very much for your service. I know exactly what that kind of commitment is all about. 63D (Diesel Mechanic), or grease monkey however you wanna look at it. LMAO!!

    And although I grew up in Alaska, and lived in Oregon for several years, I've also lived down south. In fact, thats where I lived for the past several years before moving out east just a few months ago. I have however, been an Oregon fan since the days of Tony Graziani when I was playing football in middleschool. I'm not a bandwagon jumper or one of these "recently proclaimed" Oregon fans. I'm a true Oregon fan that has been for quite some time.

    Anyway. My time down south was spent utilizing my training. I was a Service Tech II for an enormous excavation company working on things like 637 Scrapers, D10 Dozers, Blades, and so on. I'm also a Nascar fan, so Ive taken 2 trips over to Alabama and watched the boys run on the big track. Had an awesome time each time I visited Alabama and I know first hand theres some great people down in that part of the country. I actually had a couple Auburn fans staying at the same little lakeside hotel I was at the last time I went to Talladega. We had several drinks together the night before, and actually went to the Waffle House about 9 miles from the track for breakfast together the following morning. I had my Oregon hat on the entire time, and we actually had fun poking at each other over football conversation, but they were great people and we had a fun time together. That's why you'll never see me slamming souther people in my posts like some ignorant blowhards on this thing do. I take plenty of jabs from southern people on here about how I'm a tree hugging hippy, and a yankee and so on and so on, and to them I have replied with some southern slingshots fired back at them.. lmao!! But I can tell you first hand, I've lived in the South, I've lived way up north, I've lived out West and I currently live out East, and it's perty much the same no matter where you guy. You've got some genuinely great people who are educated and know smart football, and then you've got some real eggheads that just jump on a wagon and like to rant and rage about things without knowing anything about the game at all, other than two different colored Jerseys are bashing it out on the field.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. I do so, because I'm also a writer, and therefore it's nothing to spit my thoughts out and fill a page or even pages up in a matter of minutes with little thought or effort put into it.

    Let me just end this thing by saying I think we might both agree on one thing. Alabama needs to go unbeaten, and so does Oregon, because I feel these two times are truly incredible and anything less than a matchup between the two would be a great trajedy this year. Theres just no question. East vs West, Kelly vs Saban, Offense vs Defense, Tradition and History vs New Innovation... Two totally different philosophies, two teams built and recruited with a completely different scheme in mind. I think it would be just an incredible matchup.

    Far as the Tomfoolery that takes place on this website. I have never taken it any more seriously than exactly that. Its easy to assume someone is angry, or hateful, or even burnt at someones comments on this thing when you can't hear their voice or see their facial expression. Mine, truly, most of the time when I'm on here, is a comical one that has me rolling out of my chair. I've gotten into several heated debates with you on this thing, and in my head, we're just a couple of drinking buddies hanging out in leather chairs, throwing popcorn at each other while watching it all play out on a big screen. You gave service to your country, so you know as well as I do that theres a plethora of things in this world more important and worthy of getting bent out of shape about than a game of football. Its that simple.

    At any rate. Take Care for now brother. Win The Day and by all means Roll Tide

  • Ley White posted 1973 days ago

    Ley White

    And you know I'm not exactly the kitchen type, lol.

  • Ley White posted 1974 days ago

    Ley White

    Well mine is bama through and through still love her.

  • Ley White posted 1974 days ago

    Ley White

    You can look now. At least you graduated bama. What's your handicap?