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Name: Razi, Raz, Razzle Dazzle
Age: 24
Location: Chicago, IL
Teams I have been a fan of: 49ers, Bulls, Dodgers, Hawks, NU Football/Basketball,
Favorite Athletes in each sport.

MLB: Ruth, Koufax, Texiera, Pujols, Mantle
NBA: MJ (duh), Magic, Oscar, Hakeem, Kobe
NHL: Roenick, Kane, Toews, Great One, Ovelchkin
NFL: Unitas, Young, Manning Brothers, Favre, Patrick Willis, Rice, Jim Brown....Brian Dawkins, Brent Jones,
Favorite Sports team of All Time: 1995-96 Chicago Bulls.

My "introduction to sports"...yes this is all real!

NBA: 1989 Shot over Ehlo, 1st NBA game i ever watched
MLB: Ripken's 2131 game, and his legendary speech.
NHL: 1996 Western Finals, Hawks/Av's (Roy vs JR)
NFL: Super Bowl 29, 49ers/bolts...
NCAAF: NU and USC in the 95 Rose Bowl.

Best Sports Quotes of all Time:
"Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier",
"Michael, the shot on Russell, YES!!! Chicago with the Lead",
"70 has become a reality for the Chicago Bulls",
"The Man, The Legend, The Aura of Johnny Unitas".

Most hated teams:
Any Phily, Det, NY, and Cleveland team.
Dallas Cowboys
GB Packers
SF Giants
New England Patriots
St Louis Rams
btw did i mention? DALLAS F--ING COWBOYS? haha

I love the story of the underdog, but at the same time there's nothing quite like PURE dominance. Being a Bulls and 49er fan first and foremost, I can say without hesitation that dominating an opponent is the best rush ever as a competitor. I am the most competitive kid you'll ever meet. Want to know how competitive? I would put down $20 just to see which one of my friends gets to the bar the first to catch the game. I am the most knowledgable (or try to be at least) in NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA. I love the history of all sports. History is what makes the present that much more exciting. My favorite pitcher is Koufax, my favorite hitter is Ruth, favorite NHL player is Roenick, favorite NBA player (guess, im from chicago?), and favorite NFL player ever is Johnny Unitas. I will drive my point in your head a 1000 times if you aren't open minded to certain arguments. I hate stupid people who are generation next and don't care about the history. I have the passion of a 70 year old college basketball coach yet I have the drive of a 21 year old NBA player. I want to be the best in everything. I am a perfectonist, the sad thing about that is though, you'll never be truly satsifed with yourself or your capabilites.


Since I have been a fan of I have Twelve Titles.

Six Bulls Titles. (1989-Present)
One White Sox (i left them after they let Thomas, Maggs, Lee go) :( (1995-2005)
Two USC Trojans titles (1st collegiate game was USC/NU in the 95 Rose Bowl...been a fan since). (1995-Present)
One 49er title (1994-Present).
Two UNC bball title....2005 and 2009. (1994-Present).

One day my teams will win the titles in the same year, it has never happened.

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