Adam Cartwright

Adam Cartwright


I was born on November 27, 1985 in St Augustine (Florida, USA). I moved to Montreal (Canada) in 1994 at the age of eight. I was always very sick as a kid, I'm a chronic asthmatic and for the first 14 years of my life I was in and out of the hospital. I remember looking outside my living room window and watching the other kids on my street playing outside and not being able to join them. It was a very tough time.

After moving to Canada (where it is significantly cooler than Florida) my health improved considerably. That's when I started getting into sports. I played soccer, basketball, baseball and even did gymnastics for a few years. When I entered high school (1998) I made almost all the school's varsity teams. I got into track & field at the end of my first year. Through high school I participated in almost every event but my specialties were race walking, 100m, 200m and 100m - 400m relays. It was also in my first year of high school that I started curling. I threw my first rock when I was 13 have been hooked ever since.

My most successful year to date was 2004 (my senior year). The first varsity sport was always soccer. In 2004 my team finished first in our region. We didn't just finish first, we destroyed every team. Our record was 11-1 and went on to win our district. In the regional championships we reached the final only to lose 1-0 in a shootout to an all soccer school. My next sport was track and field (spring, summer 2005); that year I competed in the 3km race walk and 200m. In the district meet i finished the walk first and broke the record for my division. I also finished 30 seconds clear of second place. I place 10th in the 200m out of 34 runners. In the regional meet I finished second which was good enough to qualify for the provincial championships (my first). In provincials I finished fourth and I beat my personal best time by over a minute. I was the fourth best race walker in the province of Quebec.

Since graduating from high school my sports career has been all about curling. In CEGEP and university I didn't play on any varsity teams (which i regret today). I still continue to curl on a regular basis and I hope to turn pro in the next few years.

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