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I was born in South Carolina, but our family moved to Atlanta when I was five. Although I was too short and scrawny to be much of an athlete, I loved sports and played Little League baseball and football and even managed to make my seventh-grade basketball team as a bench-warmer and cheerleader for the starters.

My love for writing led me to take journalism courses at Georgia State University. My first big thrill as a real "journalist" came when I saw my name at the top of a four-paragraph story for the school's newspaper. My first real job as a journalist was writing a column for a small-town weekly, reporting on the Braves, Hawks and Falcons for a whopping $5 per week. A few years later, I had risen to co-publish my own weekly paper.

I've never out-grown my love of journalism and have been an prolific poster on several forums, including more than 9,000 posts on the local Atlanta Falcons fan forum. I love Atlanta sports teams, but it's a "tough love" approach; I'm not a blind homer who views the teams through rose-colored glasses.

As a realist I accept that my Atlanta teams can't win the World Series, Super Bowl and NBA championship every year, but neither can I accept anything less than an all-out effort on the part of all my teams to make it happen. That attitude may make me less of a fan to some, but that is how I roll.

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