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Well I am a huge sports fan, who lives in the great state of Kentucky. I was born in Texas, which would explain me being a Dallas Cowboys fan. However they are the one of the few out of state teams I like. I also like the Lakers, just because when I was a kid, I thought they were cool. Other than that I am a huge Kentucky Wildcats fan, in football and basketball. I mostly watch football, however I root die hard for them in basketball as well. I love both sports, but considering I played football in High School, it's my main love, and I watch it more than anything else. I watch the Lakers when I get a chance, but it's kind of hard to watch 82 games in a season. Plus it's hard to keep up with. College Basketball there isn't as many games, and in the NFL the games are once a week. So that's about it, read my articles and comment them and stuff.

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