I'm Steven Cook, an NFL writer for Bleacher Report. I began with B/R in 2011 and contributed to the breaking news team for four years, covering every topic in sports before pivoting to the NFL team in 2015. I grew up in middle Tennessee and graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2014 with a journalism and electronic media degree.

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  • Luigi Sarri posted 921 days ago

    Luigi Sarri
  • Luigi Sarri posted 921 days ago

    Luigi Sarri

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  • Susan Turek posted 1065 days ago

    Susan Turek

    Sure thing, Steven! Glad to help.

  • Tyler Duma posted 1581 days ago

    Tyler Duma

    Steven, may want to get in touch with someone about the picture for your Billy Hamilton article.. Whoever set the picture for the MLB main page used a picture of Derrick Robinson, not Hamilton.

  • Alex H. posted 1660 days ago

    Alex H.

    You should do better research before you publish your articles . In many of your articles you use facts that are just not true .Just trying to help .

  • Hrvoje Mastelic posted 1696 days ago

    Hrvoje Mastelic

    You are terrible. Please do not write tennis articles any more.

  • Steve Shikadance posted 2025 days ago

    Steve Shikadance

    Do some research before posting an article, Felton over Lin, you wrote "The Rockets' offer to Lin is for $10.2 million for each of the first two seasons, and Felton is coming off making $7.9 million per year on a contract that shouldn't need to be increased too much per-year." PLEASE read that again, the original article you linked from ESPN says "four-year deal is worth $28.8 million, with $10.2 million coming in the first two seasons and over $9 million in each of the last two."
    READ that again, that's 10.2 million in the first two seasons, which means 5 million in the first season and 5.2 million in the second, NOT 10.2 million PER year.
    I can't believe they let you write articles, do a little research and fact checking before posting please.

  • Paul Lee posted 2025 days ago

    Paul Lee

    Kid, IMHO, you need take take some business/Econ courses to know better about professional sports which not only to win,entertain but most importantly making profitable business. you should be banned from writing professional sport articles..