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I have been a fan of wrestling for over 35 years and have watched it since I was a kid with my father. Through the good times, bad times, old school, new generation, and all the independents and international promotions that feature wrestling.

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  • Sharon Glencross posted 650 days ago

    Sharon Glencross

    I do comment more now, but thanks for the advice.

  • gary Haze posted 780 days ago

    gary Haze

    Thanks for replying Andy...and yes it was monumental!!

  • Andy Soucek posted 780 days ago

    Andy Soucek

    Oh yeah! I also wanted to say that being at the first WrestleMania must have been a blast! I'm jealous, that's one of the most historic moments in wrestling.

  • Andy Soucek posted 781 days ago

    Andy Soucek

    Thanks Gary, appreciate you taking the time to write to me.

    I genuinely enjoy feedback with readers and responding to them, but I end up writing so much on my articles, and doing research (in addition to a full time job, girlfriend, watching hours of wrestling a week ;) etc.) that I don't have as much time to for regular correspondence as I'd like.

    When I have time, I try to respond to articles like the Name Changes one, or list articles as opposed to the Worst of the Week ones. I love the discussions that go on there, but since I do those every week they're usually lower on my priority to correspond.

    With that all said, you make a good point. I'll try to be more mindful of taking time to responding to more messages in the future!

    Again, thanks for writing.

  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 794 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller

    Thanks. I will pass it along.

  • Graham GSM Matthews posted 841 days ago

    Graham GSM Matthews

    Thanks for the support! I'll send you an inbox with my email.

  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 853 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller

    Great to hear you will be writing for BR soon. I have enjoyed it for about 4 years now and it has put me in a position to possibly do this as a career down the line. Let me know when you start writing so I can check it out.

  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 853 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller

    Hey Gary,
    I first want to say that I appreciate you being respectful in the message you sent. Unfortunately I do not write full time for the site. I work a normal job six days a week around 50 hours and most of the time I have to spend on the site is used to write. Doing the live blogs on Monday is usually the one time I have a chance to respond to a significant amount of comments, but usually I can only get to a couple.

    I do know that I should be responding to more comments and hopefully I can do that going forward. Generally the best way to get a response on anything specific is on my bulletin board as those get emailed to me and I have a chance to read them and respond to them a little easier.