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Born right outside New York City in northern New Jersey, Roger was raised on a healthy dose of the Mets, Yanks, Knicks, Jets and Football Giants with a dash of the Rangers and Islanders when the playoffs came and a huge helping of Monmouth Park, Freehold Raceway, Belmont, Aqueduct, Yonkers and Saratoga thrown in. Recruited by Penn State for football, he is probably the only such recruit to have played basketball and tennis (for a Commonwealth Campus) instead. You could, as they say, "look it up." Graduation from Penn State saw Roger take a job with the short-lived NEW YORK STARS of the World Football League. Eventually he found his way to Wall Street and finally to Charlottesville, VA where he owned his own brokerage firm and managed private equity until 2007. At long last he's enjoying the opportunity to live his childhood dream of being Jimmy Cannon, Jerry Izenberg or Red Smith (look them up, boys and girls, those men could WRITE!) In the summer of 2012 Rog began announcing the games of the Virginia Silverbacks of the Mason Dixon Football League.

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  • Bryan Manning posted 2140 days ago

    Bryan Manning

    No Roger, I haven't heard anything from B/R in that regard. Would like my work to be placed more prominently as I know you do as well. Perhaps I should contact someone to see how possible that is.

    Gottfried's comments surprised me also. I understand his lobbying, but he could hurt his team as well. I truly think Greenberg, who has had strong arguments before, turned off the committee with his ranting. Gottfried should be aware of this. I think the 'Hoos will come out fired up, lets just hope they can sustain a high-level of play for 40 minutes.

  • Bryan Manning posted 2140 days ago

    Bryan Manning


    Well, on my blog I have a lot more stuff that I didn't put on here. Just more or less hoping to get a few more readers. Have so many ideas and notes for stories I will be working on but time constraints cause me to slow down some during the week.

    I think the most frustrating part of B/R is where they place your stories. I am sure you will agree, I will like our work, and others as well, have much better stories than a lot of the ones which are placed on the main pages. It can be frustrating at times. Don't know any way around it, though.

    I started here last February, did several articles then put the focus back to my blog exclusively.

    Oh well, it is a fun ride when you meet new people you can have fun, intelligent sports conversation with.

    On UVa, did you hear where Gottfried ran his mouth today? Someone needs to tell him despite the Pack's rebounding advantage in Raleigh, the Hoo's controlled that game. Hope they pull it out tomorrow, meanwhile, one day at a time.

  • Bryan Manning posted 2141 days ago

    Bryan Manning

    Thanks for your kind words, Roger.

    I agree about some of the Featured Columnists. It sometimes makes me apprehensive about B/R, but I want people to see my work. I am sure you feel the same way.

    I have my own blog if you want to check it out:

    I am getting ready to look at your work on the website. Didn't know of this publication, but do now and will continue to read. Love reading about ACC hoops.

    Sports have always been my passion, hobby, dreams, etc. I liked writing and felt I had an encyclopedia of what was useless knowledge and decided to write. It is a lot of fun. Enjoy the feedback as I am always looking to get better.

    Oh, and thank you for your "fandom."

    Good luck in your continued work. I look forward to reading.

  • Bryan Manning posted 2143 days ago

    Bryan Manning

    Thanks Roger. You are right, keen minds do think alike.

    ACC Tournament time is one of the more exciting sports weekends of the year for me, dating back to when I first started watching. I remember my first ACC Tournament was when I was in the third grade.

    I sure hope UVa makes it to Saturday for once. I love ACC Tournament Friday, I just hate when on Saturday all we have to look forward to is Duke and UNC winning so they can meet again on Sunday. Love the upsets.

    And you are right I didn't attend either UVa or VT. I grew up and live 20 minutes from Blacksburg. Most people attach themselves to a good team as a young fan, me on the other hand, rooted for the two in-state schools and that has remained strong until this day. Needless to say, I have experienced a lot of heartbreak as a college sports fan all my life.

  • Kemp Bonner posted 2145 days ago

    Kemp Bonner

    Thanks Roger, it was as dominating performance as I've seen this year for sure.

  • Kemp Bonner posted 2165 days ago

    Kemp Bonner

    No it's perfectly ok to root for anyone when your a UNC fan except Duke.. :-)) My grandfather was a UNC medical school graduate and I was named after Dr. Battle, who was the president of the university in the middle 1800's, so not sure if I had a choice or not. I do support ECU, they are just sort of my secondary team and they do have a UNC alum coaching the basketball team..

  • Kemp Bonner posted 2165 days ago

    Kemp Bonner

    You were obviously a very good athlete. My father, uncle and brother were very good athletes, but everything skipped past me. :-))

  • Ben Millikan posted 2221 days ago

    Ben Millikan

    Haha...thanks for the compliment. Check me out...I added an image. That's a start for filling out my bio, right?

  • Clay Sauertieg posted 2234 days ago

    Clay Sauertieg

    Neither Schumacher nor Senna drove in the Indy Car series at any point in their careers...