Married father of 3, two daughters and a son. Grew up playing soccer primarily, but I played any and all sports I could.
Majored in English and Psychology. Always loved to write. Always loved sports.

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  • Jason S. Parini posted 1682 days ago

    Jason S. Parini

    Hey Graham, please check this out and forward it to anyone who might appreciate it. Today's a historic anniversary in baseball history that few know about. I see Ernie Banks is listed in your favorite players as well.

  • Eric Jansen posted 1977 days ago

    Eric Jansen

    i read your article about the inactivity with the Bulls. What are the chances of packaging Noah, Deng, and Boozer, possibly add a 3rd team to Land a guy like Kevin Love since i dont think he will be in Minny much longer? Doesnt it almost make perfect since to gut the team for a proven all-star that wants to play with rose. Then next off season sign guys like Monta Ellis/or Tyreke Evans, and Possibly Iguodala if there is $$ left, and possibly fill one of those spots in the draft depending on how bad we do next year as well.

  • Mac Simotes posted 2080 days ago

    Mac Simotes

    Just letting you know my comment was intended towards Darrell. Good article though

  • Amber Lee posted 2087 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey Graham! Thanks so much for reading and for fanning me on here—I really appreciate the support ;) I see you've started writing recently and have fanned you back. Feel free to get in touch here or via Twitter if you ever have any questions about b/r!

  • Jason S. Parini posted 2120 days ago

    Jason S. Parini

  • Graham posted 2126 days ago


    Thank you. You are absolutely correct Jim. The status quo is good enough. We as Bear fans must speak up. We have to be more - dare say it - like Jet fans or Red Sox fans. They simply don't stand for mediocrity. They get vocal. Very vocal. I'd like to see more of that from us.
    Regarding Finley, no, they would never let him go to a division rival and I don't see the ego or hatred from Finley that would be needed to leave the Pack for the Bears. That's a move someone with a grudge makes. Finley doesn't have that. The Olsen aspect is very doable. i would applaud it - loudly.

    Thanks again Jim. Appreciate the comments and your time!

  • Jim Calamaras posted 2126 days ago

    Jim Calamaras

    Graham,my compliments. That Bear article was excellent. Especially because it was all very doable with some imagination and guts. But I'm not optimistic about it happening. Smith gets everything he needs to save his job but he will mangle this draft with mediocrity. The Pack will never let a division rival have a difference maker,there are just too smart for that. Lastly I just don't see Emery having any real impact.

  • Jason S. Parini posted 2144 days ago

    Jason S. Parini

    Hope you enjoy this. From a fellow Cubbies fan.

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2202 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Graham,

    Check out my article about Ron Santo finally making the hall when you have a chance. I would love to hear thoughts on it. Thanks.

  • b bachslunch posted 2202 days ago

    b bachslunch

    Great news: Ron Santo was just elected to the HoF: