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I have followed football and stats in depth for a number of years and in doing so drew many of my own opinions about particular aspects of the game. When I write I try to show my point of view and back it up with solid evidence so that people can understand where I am coming from. I want to work hard and eventually get paid to write while still at University as then I could drop one of my jobs and focus more on writing and my studies while all the while gaining more experience and work for my eventual portfolio. I love a good debate so do not be shy at all to say if you disagree entirely with my opinion, everyone loves a good football debate!

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  • Ronald Shmark posted 839 days ago

    Ronald Shmark

    @Suraj just read your article on... no wait i didnt as you commit nothing to this site or the world, instead of criticising a great author like Richard how about you go eat a dick.

  • Suraj Buxani posted 932 days ago

    Suraj Buxani

    Just read your article '5 Players Who Should Never Play for Man Utd Again', one thing is for certain, you should not write about Man Utd again... consider environmental issues instead.

  • Richard Baines posted 954 days ago

    Richard Baines

    Neymar was born in Sao Paulo, he plays for the Brazilian International team and therefore was my picture to represent the place where passion for Brazilian football is amongst the highest.

  • Boot Leg posted 954 days ago

    Boot Leg

    So again...where is Neymar from ???
    You joker.