Rusty Sweeney

Rusty Sweeney


A little boy sitting in front of a TV late at night discovered a new love in 1984. TSN would broadcast NHL games and there I was watching this game. Wait, they play on ice? But how do they stand? Of course, I started a Flyers fan, but then came the reveltion of this team in a far off city called Edmonton. The Oilers - even to my 4 year old eyes - were a superior team. Especially that Messier guy. Number 11. Years later, he gets traded to NYC and the rest is history. Thats the story of how a kid from the Philly suburbs, the son of an NFL equipment manager, ended up a hockey aficionado and a Rangers fan.

I grew up in Veterans Stadium, skating its concourses and bowels. I shot hoops with NFL All-Pros, I traded barbs with one of the leading scorers in team history, and dissed a member of the Eagles Hall of Fame. Between my father and me, we have nearly forty years in the NFL, so expect a lot of good stories from when football was played like it was supposed to be.

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