A.J. Hernandez

A.J. Hernandez


I've been a reader and a writer my whole life, an artist and photographer too.

A college professor of mine once told me that I was "the most hedonistic person" that he had ever known. I paused for a second to reflect upon this remark; I then thanked him very much. What else could I say? How does one respond to such a comment? I am, in fact, the most hedonistic person that I know.

I came to Bleacher Report , oh, about five days ago - November 30, I believe. This after a thirty-plus year tenure in the wine industry, (Yes, if you have a question about Chambolle-Musigny, Barolo, or the concept of "terroir," then I am your man.) I imagine I would still be doing the wine thing were it not for a nasty, little, disruptive and very annoying thing called Parkinson's Disease (PD, hereafter). I'm not complaining, mind you, just stating the facts. And while PD has curtailed some of my activities, perhaps closed a few doors in my life, I have found other doors and windows opened to me that I did not know about before. And, I have met the most incredible people...

My passions in life are numerous and varied: music, art, literature, cinema, travel, food and wine.

Sports-wise, my passion, adoration and zeal for The University of Texas Longhorns is unsurpassed. Neither time, the occasional losing season, nor presumably, my apparent maturity has tempered my love affair with the Longhorns. I am loyal to a fault. I imagine I would make a good Chicago Cubs fan.

I also love boxing. LOVE BOXING. I will have my say on every big fight. Count on it. My boxing writer model is the great A.J. Liebling. What a poet he was when he wrote about the "sweet science."

Write me, comment me, flame me with a Hell-spawned fury. Just keep on reading.


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