Michael J

Michael J


I am an amateur comedian and full-time baller who has often been accused of being a frontrunner due to my love of the New York Yankees, the New England Patriots, and the San Antonio Spurs. I've been writing and following sports for the majority of my life.

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  • Travis Miller posted 3293 days ago

    Travis Miller

    How can you tell Michael J. needs to step his game up? When Travis Miller, who isn't even funny, is ranked higher in the humor rankings.

    There's something wrong with the world.

  • Dan Parzych posted 3310 days ago

    Dan Parzych

    With one final weekend of football, there are so many teams that have the potential to make the NFL Playoffs. I decided to think of the top ten possible matchups that fans would enjoy most for this years Super Bowl. If you have time, I would love to know what you think about it! Thanks!



  • Travis Miller posted 3315 days ago

    Travis Miller

    Hey check out my new article. I wrote a humor piece. I used things that happened in the NFL this week and turned it into a Facebook Mini Feed Version:


  • Glenn Card posted 3318 days ago

    Glenn Card

    I hope you have time to check the second article in the series.

  • Travis Miller posted 3319 days ago

    Travis Miller

    I was on the Big Red Machine.

  • Bleacher Report posted 3321 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    I just wrote about the top 10 NFL rookies. Check out where Matt Ryan landed:


  • Dan Parzych posted 3321 days ago

    Dan Parzych


    Instead of studying for finals, I thought it would be fun to determine the NFL playoffs from a different perspective. If you have time, check it out and let me know what you think!



  • Dan Parzych posted 3324 days ago

    Dan Parzych


    I decided to have a little fun this time around. What professional athletes have a celebrity look-alike? Check it out and let me know what you think!



  • Bryn Swartz posted 3324 days ago

    Bryn Swartz

    Dude you're doing amazing for a beginning writer.

  • Travis Miller posted 3325 days ago

    Travis Miller

    Get the hell off Bleacher Report. 6,300 reads on your third article? I don't wanna know what kind of nasty stuff you did to make that happen.