I'm a DAWG fan.....to a fault. I'm frequently questioned on the voracity of my collegiate leanings, but it's what gets me out of bed early on a Saturday morning in the fall. And when you spend an afternoon with 90,000 friends......well it becomes ingrained in your personality. I'm a traditionalist with strict conservative tendencies. I am staunchly opposed to the secular-progressive movement in our country and believe Jesse Jackson is more humorous than ideological. So far, I am 0 for 342 in my attempts to get my girls to turn the channel from Hannah Montana or Bindi the Jungle Girl to ESPN News. But I keep tryin'..... Thank God for TiVo.

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  • Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg posted 1954 days ago

    Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg

    If you get a minute:

  • Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg posted 2024 days ago

    Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg

    Rumor has it...


  • Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg posted 2026 days ago

    Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg

    Giving some props to the scout team... hope you'll check it out.


  • Bill Brownell posted 2067 days ago

    Bill Brownell

    Mark Richt and the Dawgs are back Bernie. I'd really like your read and comments on the re-birth of Bulldog pride. Thanks. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/299549-georgia-bulldog-pride-is-back

  • Henry Ball posted 2075 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    As President of the Les Miles Fan Club I took a big hit on Saturday Night but is Les really on the Hot Seat?


    I'd appreciate your feedback and I hope you like it, if you find me worthy!

    Thanks in advance. - HB

  • Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg posted 2077 days ago

    Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg

    A sad day in the Bulldog nation:


  • Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg posted 2084 days ago

    Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg

    A slide show... if you get a minute!!

    Thanks -


  • Alabama Voodoo posted 2112 days ago

    Alabama Voodoo

    Got a new article want you to look at when you get a chance.