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I know these bios usually have all of in depth personal aspects of one's life and every accomplishment that they've ever been proud of achieving neatly displayed in a box titled "Long Bio", but this one won't. (Mostly because I've never done anything that special :P) Instead I'll tell everyone reading a little bit about me. I'm a wrestling fan and a raging nerd. I mark out to WWE, and rarely iMPACT wrestling(Mostly for A.J. Styles and Mickie James). I'm really in to anime and video games. I still think the GBA was the best hand held device EVER!!! And that's it. I want to start writing about wrestling for one reason and one reason only. IT"S F@#KING AWESOME!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love MMA and I don't hate on other sports, but there is something too alluring and special about wrestling for me, or anyone else with a brain for that matter, to ignore. If you all like that then I hope you read the stuff I plan to write someday. THX 4 READING:)!!!

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