I am a 22 year old graduate from the University of Michigan with a passion for sports journalism.

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  • Ken Hammerick posted 2094 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    Hey Andrew, our season just ended, it is going to take awhile to sink in, the finality of it.

    I'm glad to hear that you are ok, physically, for crying out loud, that's very good news.

    Ahh, you never can tell what a kid is going to do when the agents start talking and the Draft evals come out and the assumptions, hearsay and rumors are given creedence. Yes, hopefully, Burke will stay.

    Thank you for the kind words for Izzo, Green and my Spartans!

    I'll tell you what, that Bielien gets all the former NBA players son's: Hardaway, Horford, Dumars and Glenn Big Dog Robinson. Unbelievalble

    Yes, good luck to you and Michigan next year, it should be a great conference race.

  • Andrew Silvershein posted 2094 days ago

    Andrew Silvershein

    Hi Ken, I am sorry for the slow response. I've been down with a stomach bug, but I am good to go now. I appreciate you kind words for the Michigan program, and although the loss in the first round was a tough one to swallow, I can't be disappointed with sharing the Big Ten Title. You are absolutely correct, this program is headed in the right direction and I am very excited for the years to come.

    I am hoping Trey Burke decides to stay for his sophomore season, as this would make out '12-'13 team even more potent. But we shall see, the kid is certainly a talent.

    As for your Spartans, I am sorry to say that they look about as good as any team out there. Draymond Green is a special player, and I have the utmost respect for Tom Izzo. You guys will be a very tough out in the sweet sixteen and beyond.

    Good luck to your Spartans, and I am already looking forward to an even more competitive Big Ten Conference next year!

  • Ken Hammerick posted 2094 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    Hello Andrew, I hope you are healthy, I haven't heard from you. Don't sweat the three transfers, they didn't fit in the plans--so, they saw the writing on the wall and left.

    The only concern with you should be keeping Burke in school. If he stays, Michigan may win the whole thing.

    I know, freshman, blah, blah, blah--hey, the Fab 5 did it.

    Good luck, hopefully, you are doing well.

  • Ken Hammerick posted 2097 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    Andrew, congratulations on the regular season Big Ten Championship! Next year, Michigan will be unbelievable. As a Spartan, I'm hoping Burke takes his game to the pros! LOL!

    With a healthy Horford, a beast in McGary, Glenn Big Dog Robinson III and a determined Tim Hardaway--look out.

    Hey, it hurts now but you just ran into a Ohio team that guards the three point line.

    It was a great year and just look at the future.

    Yeah, we/MSU were even with you/Michigan this year but next year--it seems like, well, we are getting passed bye.

    We should be very good but you will be LOADED! Bielien with a Big Man? It has never happened, has it? What a luxury. With a strong inside presence....I hate to think of the potential. My goodness

  • Andrew Silvershein posted 2110 days ago

    Andrew Silvershein

    Thanks Alex! I am a Michigan alum, I graduated in May. Are you an alum as well?

  • Alex Prunka posted 2111 days ago

    Alex Prunka

    Your writing is interesting! Are you a Michigan alum?