Sydnie Jones is a writer based in Seattle, Washington.

She holds a BFA in Interior Design, of all things, and also studied English at the University of New Orleans.

In addition to Bleacher report, Sydnie's MMA work has been featured on Cage Potato and WomensMMA.com. When not watching or writing about MMA, she trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu, writes fiction, and volunteers for a local non-profit that helps women leave and recover from prostitution.

You can also find her on Twitter at @syd1138.

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  • Shawn Wallace posted 466 days ago

    Shawn Wallace

    She's at it again trying so hard to be the annoying SJW to the UFC. Nobody noticed his comments until you wrote an article on it. Syndie is the bigot.

  • Sydnie Sucks posted 545 days ago

    Sydnie Sucks

    What a pile of garbage. Bleacher needs to hire some actual columnists instead of weeping vaginas to write their articles. I will remember in the future to make sure im not linking to this site before wasting my time reading half of one.

    You preach about tolerance while at the same time showing what an intolerant crybaby you are. You need to find a different line of work since you obviously cant write an informed or unbiased article. Seems you have a personal problem in general with the UFC as you attack Bisping (he is a dbag granted, but my god pc twats like you want to censor every word someone says because it might offend group X like you belong to every group offended, are you really so bored you need to be offended for everyone alive) then attack Rogan, then onto D. White. You need to cover something else like dog shows or learn to be tolerant of other people hypocrite!

  • Lee Pierce posted 549 days ago

    Lee Pierce

    I agree with Alan Reynolds post wholeheartedly! This is fighting not opera. I find it hard to believe that any man who spends thousands of hours grappling with other men fearful of homosexuals. I don't use profanity myself and really don't like hearing it but I hate the thought of suppression of free speech even more. Please take your PC baloney elsewhere.

  • Alan Reynolds posted 550 days ago

    Alan Reynolds

    @Shawn I know. It's an absolute disgrace. Takes the moral high ground to pick an easy target and then brag about being a social crusader.

  • Shawn Wallace posted 551 days ago

    Shawn Wallace

    @Alan your not allowed to disagree with a liberal opinion. thats why. She literally took the word of a couple heated exchanges to vilify mma as a whole. Shameful. Isnt that what hitler did.took 1 jew's mistake and vilified them as a whole? Just because u dont like curse words doesnt mean u have to write an article on it.

  • Alan Reynolds posted 551 days ago

    Alan Reynolds

    This is in regard to the Michael Bisping homophobia post.

    I'm not here to abuse you or anything like that, but words are just that.... words. It's people like yourself writing 'Oh, he/she said a bad word with connotations relating to poor oppressed people'. Seriously, you need to get over yourself and that moral high ground you're standing on.

    When people use the word 'faggot' here in Ireland and the UK it doesn't actually have homophobic connotations so maybe learn about other people's cultures before making out that someone is homophobic.

    Also, why are the comments turned off on your article? So people can't have an opinion?

  • Delete The Rogan Piece posted 684 days ago

    Delete The Rogan Piece

    Delete the rogan piece. It's complete garbage.

  • Weepy Vagina posted 696 days ago

    Weepy Vagina


    You obviously have not listened to JRE closely. That podcast is positive, funny and, believe it or not, sensitive/compassionate. It has definitely opened my eyes to countless issues in the country and world today and inspired nothing but positive changes in my life. The good news is that no one will take this bullshit you wrote seriously.

    Find something better to do with your life

  • Tayler Beeson posted 734 days ago

    Tayler Beeson

    I thought your article was well written. You definitely seemed educated on the points you made and referenced. As you seem like a smart woman, I am sure that you realize that he is entitled to his opinions. I feel that I am on the same side of the fence that you are in regards to most political issues based off what I read, but still feel like this article was unfair and hypocritical. You voiced your own opinions on him, the same way he voiced his opinions on other people, using similar platforms to reach a large audience.

    It was refreshing however, to see a journalist research a topic before publishing their article. I hope more of your colleagues take notice, and strive to have pride and conviction in the pieces they write as you have with this piece. Thank you!

  • Jason Mur posted 735 days ago

    Jason Mur

    You should just delete your Joe Rogan piece. It's honestly pointless, it came across like you've been scorned by him in some way. MMA journalism should be relevant to the actual sport, yes you can question figures like him in it but this was basically you crying and mixing in sarcasm to things he says on his twitter or podcast -- which isn't in a professional setting so really shouldn't be tied into the the UFC section of this site. Also what can you get out of the article other than venting your bias opinions? The majority of the MMA audience is male and surprise nearly all men have the same views as him or speak in a similar fashion. If you go to places such as the U.K you'll hear c*nt used consistently, even as a term of endearment. Most guys through out jabs about their friends blowing dudes, or make cruel jokes just for the laugh and that's at a bar, he's paid to think outside the box and get a reaction from crowds for his comedy. Also don't pretend that because we've to be in this PC, please all age that most still don't think that a man transitioning into a woman or vice versa is the norm, show me where that happens in the animal kingdom. If some owl started wearing dresses even they would be like 'WTF'.

    There was more points to touch on but I generally can't be bothered as there's netflix and porn to be watched. Go hang out with more men, leave people alone for having a personality, and stop writing whiny articles, focus on the sport. UFC 194 is next, people are excited for that...go write about that.