steve thomas

steve thomas


I am a huge MMA fan , and have been like many since watching Bruce Lee movies and the initial UFC videos which were completely mindblowing at the time ( UFC 1,2 & 3)I have studied Judo when young as well as Kickboxing and Jin Wu Koon Kung Fu.I had about 10 years off but decided to introduce my daughter to Jin Wu Koon Kung Fu and she loves it , now its something we love to do together.My Sifu is Mick Spinks and he is a current UFC fighters kickboxing coach and corner man ( Bernardo Trekko Malghaes )

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  • MMA Nerd4Life posted 1748 days ago

    MMA Nerd4Life

    I used to read up on Kung Fu a lot when younger. I haven't studied it to know if it is fuctional for street considering that Kung Fu Arts are purely striking unless I am mistaken.